Wrapped 2021

Wrapped is back with a new merch update

Wrapped is back for a fifth year, now with intel on your major milestones, a look at new countries you were streamed in, insights into your fanbase, and more. Log in to see yours.

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Fans make it possible

Develop the fanbase you need to reach your goals. Find out how our tools can grow your audience and your career.

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Merch Edition

Welcome to the first quarterly edition of Fan Study

Our data shows that the way your fans listen to your music may just hold the key to stepping up your merch game.

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New charts, new website, and new features

Our new charts — based on genres, cities, and more — give artists new opportunities to be recognized and celebrate their milestones.


Turn listeners into fans with Marquee

Create campaigns that invite listeners to go deeper with your new release.

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Your music. Your fans. Your team. All together now.

All the tools you need to build your following and career on Spotify, all in one place.

Build your audience at any stage

Spotify is where music discovery happens for 380+ million listeners in 184 markets. Whether you’re an established artist or new to the game, Spotify for Artists is the only way to pitch new songs to editors of some of the world’s most followed playlists.

Inspire fans with your creativity

Showcasing your artistry goes deeper with Spotify for Artists. With our profile tools, you can change your bio and photos whenever inspiration strikes. Let fans into your world with Artist Pick, featured playlists, and fundraising links — and by adding looping visuals to your tracks with Canvas.

Learn from your fans

Whether you need to make a call about touring, releasing, or promoting, Spotify for Artists has the numbers you need. Find out how your songs are performing, how you’re being discovered, and where your audience is. And for new releases, watch your stats move in real-time.

Musician Jeremy Zucker
Picture of Rian Kirchhoff
Picture of Candice Watkins, VP of Marketing at Big Loud
Picture of artist Gang Starr

Jeremy Zucker

Whether you’re a bigger artist or just developing, Spotify for Artists helps you find your fans and market better to them.

Jeremy Zucker


Spotify for Artists has made a huge difference in the way we do business. Being able to see that progress and reach in real time is invaluable.

Rian Kirchhoff

Founder/Manager at girlrianmanagement

Spotify for Artists data has added exponential value to our engagement strategies and has guided us to know what we should double down on.

Candice Watkins

VP of Marketing at Big Loud

It's a great feeling to know as an artist that my music can be even more broadly listened to all around the world because of Spotify.

Gang Starr


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