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Videos & News

Quincy Jones Best Advice

Even legends can use a little guidance, and Quincy's comes courtesy of esteemed French composer Nadia Boulanger.

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Christian Coffey

Touring CO.LAB There’s a lot that goes into bringing a tour to life. Veteran tour director Christian Coffey (Childish Gambino, Run The Jewels) talks through some key questions you should ask yourself before hitting the road.

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Business Basics

From financial planning to operating contracts, setting up a solid foundation can help you take creative risks in the long run. In this ep artist Nick Murphy (fka Chet Faker), and business manager Kristin Lee (Bad Wolves, Thunderpussy) share their tips.

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Lucy Dacus Photo by Elizabeth Weinberg

What the singer-songwriter has learned by creating what she calls “slow music.”

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Photo by Laura Buron/Unsplash

Expert tips to help you through the challenges of touring sober.

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Nate Mercereau Photo by Alyssa Rowatth

The seasoned musician—who’s worked with everyone from Jay Z to Lizzo—explains how writing and producing for others doesn’t take away from his own creative solo vision: it actually enhances it.

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