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The forthright singer relays some salient advice from her former bandmate and pal, Haley Dahl of Sloppy Jane.

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It can be hard to know when to say no, but unplugging to recharge is crucial. Nick Murphy, Olivia O'Brien, Salt Cathedral, and Mike Posner—plus Run The Jewels’ co-manager Amaechi Uzoigwe, and meditation expert Jesse Israel of The Big Quiet offer some tips.

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Sharell Jeffrey, founder of QLEEN Artist Relations, lays out her data-driven approach into how you can utilize audience analytics to better reach your current—and future—fans in effective, engaging ways.

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Photo Courtesy of Manhead Merch

Manhead Merch executive Samantha Ray on visual identity and connecting with your fans.

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In this new monthly series we spotlight the creatives coming together through SoundBetter to make music remotely from all over the globe.

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Amplifying artists’ fundraising with Spotify’s global reach and a $1M artist relief effort from Cash App.

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