Everything you need to know about Co.Lab: Network

November 9, 2018
What’s happening at the final Co.Lab of 2018, a new community event series from Spotify for Artists.

Networking. It’s tough to imagine a practice so integral to every artist’s career yet fraught with so many images of forced handshakes, potted happy hours, and tight smiles of obligation. It seems to run counter to the reasons we all got into music in the first place. Still, one of the most common pieces of advice given to artists at all levels is to network: wherever, whenever, and with whomever you can. Your collaborators help shape and define the work that you do. It’s part of the reason we do these Co.Lab events: to bring artists and industry together to share ideas, strategies, and, of course, music.

But we’re not discussing “networking” at the last Co.Lab of 2018. Instead, we’re excited to dig into the idea of the network as a power noun. Your network, your collaborators, and the important role they play in the art you create and the career you build.

Who’s going to be there?

We’ll have an amazing group of artists and musicians there to learn from our host— Mark “Frosty” McNeill, Co-Founder & Creative Director of dublab—and five incredible experts from the music industry:

  • Jamal Dauda – Global Head of Music at WeTransfer
  • Malia James – Photographer, Director and Musician
  • Maggie Neilson – CEO of Global Philanthropy Group
  • Jeff Ellis – Recording Engineer & Mixer

What’s going to happen at Co.Lab: Network?

You’ll have the chance to hear tips, tricks, secrets, and strategies to use in your career, gather useful resources, get direct access to the industry experts at the event, meet other artists, have a few drinks and get your picture taken. We’re going to learn a lot and have a lot of fun.

5:45pm ..... Doors open

6:30pm ..... Kick Off: A quick panel with our experts and host. This is an opportunity for them to introduce the Network theme and for you to get to know the experts a little before deciding what to do in the Breakouts.

7:00pm ..... Breakout No. 1: Your choice of Group Sessions or Office Hours.

7:45pm ..... Chill: Fifteen minutes between Breakouts for you to catch your breath and grab some food or another beer.

8pm ..... Breakout No. 2: Your choice of Group Sessions or Office Hours.

8:45pm ..... Roundup: A chance for our host and experts to recap some of what they discussed with artists during the Breakouts and say goodnight.

9pm ..... Socialize: You’re invited to hang out in the space for as long you want, as long as you leave by 10pm. :)

What are Office Hours?

These are one-on-one conversations between you and an expert. You get five minutes; first come, first served. This is a space for scheming, collaboration, and access that would not otherwise be possible. What are the Group Sessions? Workshops, group conversations, and brainstorms hosted by our industry experts:

Finding the Perfect Union Brand partnerships might be the most valuable collaboration you can do. Jamal Dauda, Global Head of Music at WeTransfer, knows this. Recognized in 2018 as one of Adweek’s Creative 100, he has spearheaded branded film projects with Bjork, Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile, King Krule, Fleet Foxes, and many others. He believes that brands and artists need each other more than ever. Coming from the brand side, he’ll give the inside scoop on how to sell yourself as an up-and-coming artist, how to find the right brands to work with, the types of questions you’ll get along the way, and how to make it all work for you. Get ready to find your perfect union.

To Have a Persona or Nah To find the collaborators and network you need, you have to know yourself first. What do you like? What are your strengths? Malia James—acclaimed photographer, director and musician—sees eye-to-eye with the artists she works with and takes a hands-on approach when it comes to collaborating. She’ll kick off her session with some examples of her own work, and round it out with collaborative exploration of how you can isolate the elements of yourself and your work that will resonate with future collaborators and your audience.

Using Your Voice From climate change to gender equality to homelessness, there are so many important social issues artists have the unique power take on. And the larger the group of artists, the more power they have. Maggie Neilson, CEO of Global Philanthropy Group, brings decade of experience working with global brands and celebrities to develop and implement strategies and campaigns that make a difference. In her group session, Maggie will go through the ins and outs of using your voice, your influence and your network to drive change.

Mixing and Life Philosophy 101 The way Grammy award-winning recording engineer and mixer Jeff Ellis (Frank Ocean, Kali Uchis, Kate Nash) approaches mixes music is a lot like how he approaches life in the music industry: unique, pragmatic, and collaborative. At Co.Lab: Network, he’ll breakdown his collaborative philosophy: commit to your aesthetic, start at the beginning, learn to listen, cut out the stuff that sucks, and be fearless. Come hear how to make the best work you can with other people and how to stay sane while you do it.

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November 9, 2018
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