Here's Our Third Installment of Our Co.Lab Sessions Podcast

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Kimberly Taylor Bennett / March 30, 2021
This week we welcome Cautious Clay and Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes to discuss how they approach inspiration and collaboration

The current global upheaval not only impacts your creativity and career, but your personal wellbeing. In this trio of Co.Lab Sessions podcasts we discuss mental health in the music business, plus we explore the brass tacks of making music while stuck at home: tips, tricks, and equipment, and how to safely collaborate and stay productive.

First up is Cautious Clay who went from making beats in his bedroom for rappers, to writing for Taylor Swift and John Legend, and becoming a celebrated artist in his own right. He explains his creative hacks, delving into everything from room acoustics, to gear, to appeasing neighbors, and, in Cautious Clay’s case, appeasing many roommates too.

We also talk to Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes, whose brand new album Shore was created during Covid and enlisted many new collaborators, including vocals by fans found via Instagram. With collaboration as the cornerstone of musical production, he takes us through this record’s journey.

And finally, with mental health top of mind for many, we welcome musician and therapist Zack Broer. How do you care for yourself and your community through these uncertain times? What support systems are available? As the founder of Backline, a nonprofit organization that connects music industry professionals with mental health and wellness resources, Zack offers some guidance.

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Kimberly Taylor Bennett / March 30, 2021
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