Music + Talk: A New Way To Connect With Fans

October 14, 2020

Here’s how artists and their teams can leverage our new format that combines music with storytelling.

With every piece of music you release, fans get a glimpse of your world. Through your songs they get snapshots of your life and peeks at how you think, feel, and create. But what if they want to know more about who you are and what inspires you? If they like your music, the logical next step is to get context for it. It's through this context that casual listeners make a deeper emotional connection to your music and become super fans.

Spotify for Artists wants to help you make that deeper connection with our newest content format, an audio experience that brings together talk commentary with music. Now, you can record talk segments and integrate them with tracks from Spotify’s catalog of 65 million licensed songs to make your own shows. You can create shows through Anchor in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.

So how can you think about Music + Talk as an artist? Anything you can imagine that brings together talk and music. Here are just a few examples of what’s possible:

Play and discuss the music that inspires you Every artist is a fan, too. Do a deep dive into the timeless songs, albums, and artists you love. Talk about how you discovered them and how they’ve influenced your work.

Tell the stories behind your songs Give fans context for your music. Break down lyrics, explain your musical choices, and give anecdotes about your creative process.

Spotlight your collabs and collaborators Music is a team sport. Help fans get to know the other artists in your world and feature your work with them.

Let fans know what music you have in rotation right now Your taste makes you unique. It’s already evident in your music but you can do even more to demonstrate it through your own curation of a show that features that you’re listening to in the moment.

Engage with shows that feature your music With your music on Spotify, creators around the world can add your songs to their shows and help you reach new listeners on Spotify. When you see a show that features your work, share it on social media, reach out to the creator, or add it to one of your Spotify playlists.

Feature shows on your artist profile Whether you record a show with music, you guest on someone else’s talk show, or your music is featured by a creator — you can pin any show or individual episode to your artist profile through the Artist Pick feature in Spotify for Artists.

Share your most memorable backstage stories Let’s be honest: music fans everywhere are missing live shows, but only you know the thrill captivating an audience. From the broken amp to the botched Kabuki drop, relive some memories of being front or back stage, with songs from your favorite sets.

Show your extracurriculars Are you a not-so-secret gamer? Or an avid runner, or painter? Sometimes your fans just want to know more about you as a human. Take listeners on a journey with you as you share the things that make you, you.

To get started making your own shows with music head to Anchor, which offers everything that you need to create and publish a show—from recording and editing the talk segments, to adding music tracks via the “Music” tool, to publishing your final product to Spotify and a potential audience of 300 million listeners.

Spotify for Artists helps you to develop the fanbase you need to reach your goals.

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