Update to Artist Verification Process and Image Updates

Starting on March 2, 2015 we’ll be introducing new rules to improve our Verified Artist program as well as an updated and easier process for apply for verification.

These rules will NOT affect artists who have already been verified on Spotify, but will apply to ALL new verification requests.

Minimum Followers Criteria: 250 Follower Requirement

From the 2nd of March, all artists requesting verification will need to have at least 250 followers on their artist page to qualify for verification. Requiring artists to build a small following on Spotify before verification helps us to verify artists in a timely way and improve our wider artist support.

We have chosen a low number so that even very new artists can still get verified and use Spotify’s tools to grow their audience even further.

To check how many followers you have, visit your artist page on Spotify and look in the top right corner, if you have more than 250 followers, then you qualify for verification.

New Verification Process:

Alongside the new rules, we’re introducing a new and improved verification request form which can be found here.

If you are requesting verification for an artist via this form you will need to supply evidence that the artist meets the minimum criteria of 250 followers.

This information will be cross-checked by our verification team and if the request meets the minimum requirements then you’ll be on your way to getting verified!