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Meet your next fans

Discovery Mode is a marketing tool designed to help you find new listeners when it matters to you most.

Discovery Mode is in early testing

A small set of labels and artist teams — spanning genres and size — are trying out Discovery Mode to help us make it the best possible at launch. We’ll share updates when we’re ready to roll it out more widely. Here’s what some early partners are saying:

“Believe supports Spotify Discovery Mode, as it is highly innovative and beneficial for independent artists. The program’s democratizing power will enable a wider community of artists to benefit from promoting their music. Discovery Mode is helping artists cross borders, especially ones from territories that historically haven’t had equal access to the global music industry stage. And, in these early tests, we’re already witnessing how the program is helping talented Believe and TuneCore artists from all over the world gain significant exposure to new listeners.”


“Discovery Mode is a groundbreaking music marketing tool because it doesn’t require any upfront budget. Discovery Mode makes it possible for independent artists at every level to reach new fans in a whole new way.”


“At TuneCore, we believe there’s never been a better time for independent artists worldwide. We’re seeing a paradigm shift where an artist’s success is no longer tied to radio or traditional mainstream media; artists are in the driver’s seat. That means marketing tools also need to evolve to better fit artists’ needs for the digital era. Discovery Mode will not only benefit artists who may not have the budget to hire outside agencies and fund media placement, but it also maximizes the reach of the music, based on the merit of the music - not because a gatekeeper said so. If the music’s good, Discovery Mode will help artists find new fans.”


“For me, Discovery Mode is a game changer. It enhances the standard ways my music is presented and discovered on Spotify, and the results were absolutely amazing! I reached new listeners on Spotify, gained a lot of new followers on social media, and even saw increases in streams on my songs and ticket sales that were mind blowing. 100% worth it.”


“As an independent artist, knowing where to put your money to market your music is hard. So is coming up with enough funding. Spotify fixes this issue with this new feature. It helps me reach highly targeted people and turn them into lifelong fans. The results speak for themselves and I would highly recommend it to anyone searching for creative ways to reach new fans without a big record label budget!”


Your tracks, prioritized for discovery

Discovery Mode is a marketing tool that helps your music get heard when audiences are most open to discovery.

Artists and labels identify songs that are a priority for them, and our system will add that signal to the algorithms that determine personalized listening sessions.

But it only works if fans love it too. When a listener isn’t engaging with a song, we take that as a sign that it’s not resonating and pull back on recommending it to similar listeners. It’s all about harmony.

Drive long-term connections and surface your next fans

Grow your fanbase

In early testing, artists with tracks in Discovery Mode have found over 40% more listeners on average – compared to pre-Discovery Mode. 44% of those listeners had never listened to the artist before.

Focus your efforts

Track-by-track reporting shows you how Discovery Mode plays an important part in your marketing efforts and how fans are engaging with your content.

You're in control

With data at your fingertips, you're always in the driver's seat. Measure progress towards your goals to determine whether you turn Discovery Mode on or off for every song.

Enabling artists to define their priorities

Spotify drives 16 billion artist discoveries every month — meaning 16 billion times a month, fans listen to an artist they have never heard before on Spotify. The personalized recommendations on Spotify take in thousands of signals, but to date they’re not influenced by the voices who are otherwise the star of the show.

We believe our personalized recommendations should also be informed by artists and labels — their priorities and what they have to say about their music. With Discovery Mode, they can turn it on when it’s working. Turn it off when it’s not. The control is in their hands, always.

Because after all, no-one knows what matters to an artist more than them. Here are some examples from our early testing of how Discovery Mode can help artists reach their goals:

Turn it on when prepping for a new release

Discovery Mode works alongside your new release roll out strategy. Use it to remind fans of your best tracks ahead of time, and then drive attention to other parts of your catalog when your new release hits fever pitch.

Turn it on when building on a moment

Song going viral? Trending like never before? Switch on Discovery Mode to expand the reach of your music in the moment. Culture moves at light speed, and Discovery Mode is made for you to make quick decisions.

Discovery Mode Carousel Image

Turn it on when reinvigorating your fans

For artists with a legacy, Discovery Mode can help songs in an extensive catalog get another moment in the sun. Whether in support of a reunion tour or a new compilation, your music has the chance to be rediscovered.

Turn it on when celebrating a milestone

When celebrating big moments in your career, encourage your fans to return to the songs that made everything possible. Simply select the songs you’d like to prioritize to reconnect with longtime fans and draw in new ones.

Built for songs of every scale

Discovery Mode is a different type of marketing tool. There's no upfront cost.


Discovery Mode is a different type of marketing tool: There’s no upfront cost. This gives artists at any stage of their career, anywhere in the world, the opportunity to participate. It’s universal. Here's how payment works:


Spotify charges a commission on streams when Discovery Mode is turned on. Discovery Mode can only be activated in limited areas of Spotify, where listeners are most open to discovery. All other streams are commission-free.


The commission is a percentage of revenue generated on those select streams. This marketing cost is deducted from future Spotify statements, so no upfront cash budgets are required.


Unlike other music marketing tools that charge for impressions that only sometimes lead to listening, rights holders pay for Discovery Mode when their selected tracks are actually streamed. They never pay to reach people who don't listen to their music.


In early testing, rights holders using Discovery Mode have seen a lift in overall payouts for their artists — with the increase in discoveries and new listeners outweighing the cost of Discovery Mode.


So far, we've found that Discovery Mode provides an average of 1.5 times the streaming uplift for artists with less than one million monthly listeners, than for those with more than one million.


Discovery Mode is still in a limited testing stage at this time, but we hope to share more information soon.

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