To make sure everything on Spotify is properly licensed, we require all music to be delivered by labels and distributors. We have deals with most labels and distributors, so if you’re signed to one just ask them to put your music on Spotify.

If you’re not signed to a label or distributor, we have deals in place with companies who can deliver your music to us and collect royalties for you. These are called aggregators.

If you’re an artist, we suggest using one of these aggregators:

* If you’re using DistroKid or CD Baby as your music distributor, you have instant access to Spotify for Artists when you request access through them.

If you’re a label, we suggest using one of these aggregators:

These services handle the licensing and distribution of your music and also pay you royalties when your fans stream your music on Spotify. There’s usually a small fee or percentage cut involved. Each service is unique, so be sure to do some homework before picking one.

If you’re a label that already works with an aggregator, they’ll get your music on Spotify for you.

If you don’t work with an aggregator, we have deals in place with a number of companies who can deliver your artists’ music to us and collect royalties for you.

We suggest using one of these label aggregators:

These services handle the licensing and distribution of your artists’ music and also pay you royalties when fans stream your artists’ music on Spotify. There’s usually a small fee or percentage cut involved. Each service is unique, so be sure to do some homework before picking one.

We’re working to make it easier for you to report problems with your music. For now, you’ll need to reach out to your distributor or aggregator and they’ll work with our team to make sure your profile gets fixed.

We can’t change your song or album titles, album art, or artist name manually.

We receive your music, album art, and track info via metadata delivered to us by your label or distributor. And we’re only able to display this content in the way it’s presented to us.

If something’s wrong with your name or music, you’ll need to contact your distributor and have them submit an update to us.

If you didn’t add your music to Spotify, it’s likely that your label or distributor did. For any problems, you can contact them directly.

Otherwise if you believe your music should not be on Spotify, fill out this form.

Our data is powered by label provided metadata. While this accounts for many songs on Spotify, we realize it’s far from all. If a song doesn’t have credits, it means we didn’t receive that information from that song’s label or distributor.

Our data is powered by label provided metadata. Please work with the song’s label or distributor to update the metadata. Once the metadata is redelivered to Spotify, we’ll work to get the new credits live ASAP — typically within a week.

If your label handles music distribution, please work with them to make an update to the metadata through the normal release process. If you’re not the artist that distributed the music, please reach out to the data ‘source’ (listed at the bottom of each credit) to have them update.

If you uploaded your music yourself via an aggregator, you may need to re-upload your album to make the correction. Please reach out to your aggregator for assistance in doing so. We know that some aggregators don’t yet have support for credits, which is why we’re working to improve the process in the future to make it easier to get your credits onto Spotify.

Spotify is an open platform for artistic expression. We believe in everyone’s right to share their voice. So generally, all creators and content are welcome on Spotify. However, in the scenarios outlined below, content may be removed or filtered from Spotify.

Infringing Content

We protect creators’ intellectual property so they can be fairly compensated for their work. Any content that is provided to Spotify without rightsholder permission may be removed. The same is true for content that infringes upon the trademarks of others. If you use samples in your music, make sure they are cleared with the owner first. If you believe your copyright is being infringed on, notify us here.

Illegal Content

We require content providers to comply with applicable laws and regulations, including those governing content administered by the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”) and the German ​Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien (“BPjM”). Any content in violation of local laws may be removed, and we may withhold related payments if that content is subject to sanctions.

Explicit Content

We want to make sure that people can hear music as it was created and without “bleeps”. However we also want listeners to have an experience free of explicit content if they so choose. Therefore, we require content providers to tag any content that has explicit or adult material as explicit when they deliver the music. If users do not want to hear explicit content, they will have the choice to filter it from their experience.

Hate Content

Hate content is content that expressly and principally promotes, advocates, or incites hatred or violence against a group or individual based on characteristics, including, race, religion, gender identity, sex, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, veteran status, or disability. We do not permit hate content on Spotify. When we are alerted to content that violates this standard, we will remove it from the platform. If you believe a piece of content violates our hate content policy, complete the form here and we will carefully review it against our policy. We are also continuing to develop and implement content monitoring technology which identifies content on our service that has been flagged as hate content on specific international registers.

Yes. Spotify has metadata guidelines for how labels & aggregators should submit performer, producer, and songwriter names so that they appear properly on the service. If you’re a label or aggregator, please assure you follow these guidelines when submitting or updating music:

  • The standard, full artist name and proper spelling should be listed for artist credits. Artist name spelling must be consistently applied to all content. For songwriter credits, your real name can be used.
  • Do not include alias or translations in the artist name. These must be submitted separately.
  • No additional information other than the artist’s name should be listed. This includes dates, instruments played, society affiliations, etc.
  • If you’re an artist that goes by your personal name or you’re listing a personal name for a songwriter credit, please submit in native name order. For Western music this is “first name last name.” For Chinese and Japanese names use “last name first name.” If your name is translated please use the custom of that language.

To remove your music from Spotify, you’ll need to reach out to your distributor and have them issue a takedown request.

You can also fill out this form to let us know you want it removed.

Right now Spotify for Artists is only available in English, but we plan add more languages in the future.

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