To make sure everything on Spotify is properly licensed, we require all music to be delivered by a distributor. We have deals with most distributors, so if you already work with one just ask them to put your music on Spotify.

If you don’t currently have a distributor, we have deals in place with companies who can deliver your music to us and collect royalties for you.

These services handle the licensing and distribution of your music and also pay you royalties when your fans stream your music on Spotify. There’s usually a small fee or percentage cut involved. Each service is unique, so be sure to do a little homework before picking one.




EmuBands, CD Baby

If you're using DistroKid or CD Baby as your distributor, you get instant access to Spotify for Artists. Just log into your account on their site and follow the steps!


The Orchard, FUGA



Our preferred providers are ones who meet our standards for providing the highest quality metadata, protecting against infringement, and giving their users easy access to Spotify for Artists. Our investment in any provider does not affect who is featured on this page, nor does it affect any decisions about how content is treated on Spotify's service.

We've also developed an upload tool within Spotify for Artists, now available in limited beta to US based independent artists. Read more on our blog!

Easy! Just request access to Spotify for Artists.

Once your request is granted, your artist profile gets the verified check mark and you’ll have access to a dashboard of listening data! You’ll also be able to manage your profile’s images, story, and more.

Your artist profile is your homepage on Spotify. It’s where all of your music and content lives. It’s also where fans can discover more about what’s happening with you—hear your newest releases, dig deeper with one of your playlists, find out where you’re touring, even buy your latest merch.

Spotify for Artists puts you in charge of managing your artist profile. Once you get access, you’re able to update your avatar or header, write your bio, update your image gallery, and make an Artist’s Pick anytime you want, all from one place. If you don’t have access to Spotify for Artists, get access here.

For more info and tips on managing your profile, check out our artist guide.

Right now, we’re testing these features with a small group of artists and using their feedback to improve before we expand availability. We’ll be rolling out to more artists and labels over time, so stay tuned to our blog for updates. You can also sign up here to learn more about our plans.

With Spotify for Artists (for artists and managers) and Spotify Analytics (for labels and licensors), you can submit one song from any scheduled release for our team to discover and consider for editorial playlists. We’ll also include it on your followers’ Release Radar playlists.

Note: It’s not possible to submit any music that’s already been released.

  1. Log in to Spotify for Artists on desktop.

  2. Use any one these three ways to find and submit unreleased music:

    • At the top of the Home tab, select SUBMIT A SONG next to the release you want to submit.
    • In the Profile tab, hover over the release you want to submit and click the three dots (...). Select Submit a song.
    • In the Catalog tab, under UPCOMING, select SUBMIT A SONG next to the release you want to submit.
  1. Choose a song and fill out as much info about the song as possible. The more info we get, the better chance it has!

Some things to keep in mind:

The earlier you submit your music, the better. We recommend at least 7 days in advance. (This is also required to have your submission included on Release Radar).

  • Submitting a song doesn’t guarantee a place on an editorial playlist, but does give it the best chance.

  • It’s only possible to submit one song per artist profile at a time (even if you have more than one scheduled release).

  • You need to be listed as the main artist on the release to submit. The option is not available for featured artists or compilations.

  • Our editors reserve the right to creative control for their selections. This means they may choose to feature a different song from the release on their playlist.

  • It’s not possible to remove yourself from a playlist if your track is chosen for it. There’s no set amount of time it will stay on the playlist - it depends how well it resonates with listeners.

  • Anyone else with access to your profile on Spotify for Artists (e.g. managers), or the release on Spotify Analytics (e.g. label reps), can see and edit the submission. Any changes are displayed for all members.

  • It’s totally free to use, and it’s not possible to pay to increase your chances, nor can any external parties influence our editors.

If you’re unable to see or submit music for playlist consideration, be sure to check the following:

  • It’s only possible to submit unreleased music. If the release is live, or has been live on Spotify before, you won’t be able to submit it to our editors.

  • Your unreleased music may not appear in Spotify for Artists until the day after it’s been delivered. You can reach out to your distributor for more information.

  • You need to be listed as the main artist on the release to submit. The option is not available for featured artists or compilations.

  • It’s not possible to submit if you have view-only access to Spotify for Artists. Learn more about access levels here.

  • It’s only possible to submit one song per artist profile at a time (even if you have more than one scheduled release). If you’ve already submitted a song, you’ll need to wait until it goes live before you can submit again.

  • It’s not currently possible to submit a song using the Spotify for Artists mobile app. Instead, use the web version of Spotify for Artists. You can do this on desktop or with your mobile’s web browser (rather than the app).

If you’ve checked all of the above and it’s still not working, try again using an incognito/private browsing window:

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Open a private session. Most browsers will open a private session if you press Ctrl+Shift+N (Windows) or Cmd+Shift+N (Mac). If that doesn’t work, or if you’re using mobile, you should find the option to open a new private/incognito session in your browser’s menu bar.
  3. Open the web page in this private session.

If that doesn’t help, we’d recommend trying a different web browser.

If there’s something wrong with your artist name, release title, artist role, or artwork - or if your music is appearing on the wrong profile - you need to reach out to your label or distributor. We’ll then work with them to get it fixed.

Note: We can’t change your artist name, release title, artist role, or release artwork manually. We receive the info via metadata delivered to us by your label or distributor and are only able to display it in the way it’s presented to us.

Yes! Right now, the Spotify for Artists app is available on iOS and Android. Find us in the App Store or download the app from the Play Store.

Sharing your podcast on Spotify gives you access to millions of Spotify listeners in 60 markets across desktop, Android, and iOS devices. If you host your podcast with one of our aggregator partners, you can easily submit your podcast to Spotify in minutes. Please follow the instructions below:

If you host with Acast, Art19, Cast Plus, Ausha, Zencast, you'll need to reach out to your aggregator for more information on how you can authorize Spotify as an additional distribution platform.

If you're not hosted with one of the aggregators listed above, but want to get your podcast on Spotify, check out Spotify for Podcasters!

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