Here are 4 ways to promote your music on Spotify:

  • Join Spotify for Artists. Spotify for Artists puts you in control of your profile on Spotify, so you can promote your music—or share music you’re into with your fans—and make sure your artist image always reflects your latest look. Once we confirm who you are and give you access, you’re in charge.

  • Build your followers. Use social media to encourage your fans to follow you on Spotify. More followers means more people who see your new releases, tour dates, merch, and everything else on your artist profile.

  • Post artist playlists. Artist playlists are a great way to offer your fans an inside look at the music you love and the songs that inspire you. You can use playlists to promote your music, share what you’re playing on tour, and champion new artists you love.

  • Advertise directly on Spotify. Learn more about advertising on Spotify here. Right now there are minimum spend requirements, but we’re working on new features that will make advertising on Spotify easy and affordable for artists everywhere. Stay tuned.

There’s no formal submission process for Spotify playlists. Our editorial team’s independence is an important part of what makes Spotify such a great listening experience for fans.

The editorial team at Spotify uses a combination of taste, data, research, and trends to create playlists for our users. So the best way to be considered for Spotify playlists is to make your music as visible as possible and maintain an active presence on Spotify. If your music is breaking, we’ll find it.

Our personalized playlists (like Discover Weekly and Release Radar) are created specifically to help each listener find songs we think they’ll like. Everyone on Spotify has their own personalized playlists catered to their specific tastes, so no two are alike.

One way to increase the number of personalized playlists you appear on is by increasing your follower count. Followers automatically receive your new releases on their Release Radar.

For a playlist to appear on your Playlists page in Spotify for Artists, your music needs at least 2 listeners from that playlist.

We also only show the top 100 playlists per type, ordered by listeners of your music from that playlist.

Search results in Spotify are based on a mix of current and all-time popularity—but vary from user to user based on personal listening preferences.

The more streams and followers you have, the higher up you’ll appear in searches.

Embedding a Spotify follow button in your website makes it easier for your fans to find and follow you. It works with any website, and you can embed the button just by copying and pasting a short piece of code.

follow button

Fans can click on the embeded follow button to follow both your music and your Spotify artist profile instantly. We let your followers know when you release new music and play concerts near them, so more followers means more exposure and more streams.

For detailed instructions on embedding a follow button, check out this website.

Embedding a Spotify player in your website gives fans more places to find and listen to your music. It works with any website, and you can embed the player quickly and easily just by copying and pasting a short piece of code.

To get a code you’ll need to open the Spotify desktop app, find the playlist, track, or album you want to share, and in the dropdown menu choose Share and then </>. This copies the code to your clipboard.

<iframe src="" width="300" height="380" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>

Then all you have to do is paste the code into your website build, and a Spotify player will appear on your site.

For more detailed instructions on embedding a Spotify player, check out this website.

The best way to share your music on a Facebook page is to copy and paste a Spotify link directly into the status field on the page. Here’s how:

  • Open Spotify and find the song, album, or playlist you want to share.
  • In the dropdown menu, choose Share and then Copy Link.
  • Paste the link into the status field on your Facebook page. A 30-second preview will appear.
  • Delete the link from the status field and add a personal message.
  • Click Post.

Sharing your music on Twitter is easy too:

  • Follow the steps above to copy the song, album, or playlist link.
  • Paste the link right into your Twitter status field.

When you share a Spotify song link on Twitter, it creates a custom, playable audiocard so your fans can play the song right there.

At the moment you can't reach out directly to your fans, but we are working to create more opportunities for you to engage with your fans on Spotify. Stay tuned.

Labs is the experimental section of Spotify for Artists, where we introduce early versions of projects we’re working on for feedback from users. You can see the Labs that are available by heading to Spotify for Artists, clicking the arrow next to your artist name to view the submenu, and clicking on the beaker icon.

Feel free to share your thoughts about our Labs by clicking on the message icon next to the lab’s name. Your feedback helps us understand how you use this and if we should continue to build more tools like it.

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