After almost a year of testing, the beta of our upload tool ended on July 30th, 2019. We’re no longer inviting additional artists to the beta, and artists who currently have access will need to transition to another distribution partner. Read more about this decision here.

Artists who have released music through the feature can check their email for more information about transitioning to other distributors and discount codes to help.

Due to our decision to end the beta, any content delivered with the upload tool will be taken down on July 31st. If you haven’t already, you can still redistribute your content with another distributor.

You can use a record label or the distributor of your choice to deliver your music to Spotify. We work with many distributors that offer a variety of benefits and a high quality experience to artists.

Tip: If you’ve already released your music with other distributors, you can simply edit the release to include Spotify. Check out these how-to guides for DistroKid, CD Baby, and EmuBands.

You’ll need to use these same ISRC codes assigned to each of your tracks when you deliver to Spotify through your new distributor.

If you didn’t save your ISRC codes in Spotify for Artists before July 30th, we can still help. Check the email you received about the end of the beta for contact information for the dedicated artist support team.

You can keep your play counts and any playlist placements by redelivering your music through your chosen distributor. You just need to allow a little time for them to transfer over in a process called track linking.

Track linking happens automatically, and isn't 100% guaranteed, but you can follow these steps to help your tracks keep their play count and playlist placement when they are redelivered:

  • Make sure you upload with the exact same audio and metadata, including duration, title, artist, and ISRC.
  • Include the original release date on your new upload.

Tip: You can check if the track linking was successful by hovering over a song’s popularity bar (shown under icon thumbs up in the Spotify desktop app). If the play counts match, the tracks have linked.

In the email you received about the end of the beta, we included contact information for the dedicated artist support team who can help you with this process.

Note: Also, during the transition there may be some fluctuation in the Popular section of your artist profile. This should normalize within 72 hours of the new content being live.

We will pay you for streams on your content while it is still available during the beta. After July 30th, your content will no longer be available through the beta and July 2019 will be the last month of streams we’ll pay you royalties for. You will receive this payment on August 28th, 2019 so long as your Stripe account is up to date with the correct information.

It may take a few days for your bank to process the payment. If you still haven't received the payment in a few days, please contact our Customer Support team.

Please make sure your bank account and any other verification information Stripe may need is up to date so your final payment in August goes smoothly.

On September 30th, we will take down the Royalties page in Spotify for Artists, so be sure to download your royalty data prior to this date:.

  1. Log in to Spotify for Artists on a web browser.
  2. Click Royalties.
  3. Click the download arrow in top-right corner.
  4. Check your downloads for the .CSV file.

Note: It’s not possible to download your royalties data on the Spotify for Artists mobile app.

If you have any issues or questions, please reach out to our Support team.

Spotify uses Payable, Stripe's partner, to help with taxes. We ask Payable to collect a W9 form from you, and towards the end of the year, you'll receive an email from Payable prompting you to e-sign and submit the form.

If you’ve earned $10 or more during the year, Spotify will ask Payable to generate a 1099-MISC form for you before the annual tax reporting deadline. You need this information when reporting your taxes. To receive your 1099-MISC form via email, make sure you opt-in for e-delivery with Payable. If you don’t opt in to receive via email, you may get your 1099-MISC a bit later (after January 31).

The Payable invite will go to the email address connected to Stripe. When you receive the invite, have the same person who set up your team’s Stripe account accept and create an account using the same info.

First, we need your W9 form. With the completed W9, Spotify can report payments for tax purposes and ensure taxes are not withheld from future payments.

Next, we’ll send you a 1099-MISC form via Payable. If you’ve earned $10 or more during the year, Payable will send you a form 1099-MISC on Spotify’s behalf. You can then file your taxes as you normally would.

For more information, check out Payable's help center.

Once you redeliver your content, nothing will change about how reporting royalties are reported. Make sure you provide the songwriter, publisher, and IPI information for your music to your new distributor. Doing so increases the speed of matching the publishing copyright owners of these tracks, and enables timely distributions of publishing royalties.

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