Artists with over 250 followers can verify their artist page by submitting a verification request. Verification merges your artist page with a Spotify account so you can share playlists directly with your fans. You also get a blue checkmark.

Here's what to do:

1. Set up a Spotify account

You’ll need a Spotify user account to get started. If you don’t already have an account, you can create a free one by signing up with an email address here.

2. Ensure that you have 250 followers, then complete the Verification form

Once you’ve setup the account, please complete this form.

To help us verify the account, be ready with the following information:

  • Your artist name and the link to your artist page.
  • A link to the account you would like merged with your artist discography page. You can find this link by going to your personal user profile (the one you use to listen to music), clicking on the ellipses underneath your name and clicking “copy Spotify URI.”
  • The email address associated with your user profile.
  • The preferred display name for the profile.
  • A link to a Twitter account associated with the artist. Please note that Twitter credentials are not stored in any way.

3. Wait for Verification

Verification can take up to 4 weeks, but if you encounter any issues with the process, feel free to reach out to us here.

Verification allows you to claim your artist page by merging it with your Spotify account. Once verified, you'll get

  • a blue checkmark to your artist page
  • the ability to create & post artist playlists
  • the ability to brand playlists with images & descriptions

Any followers on your Spotify account will also automatically start following your artist page.

To get started, submit a verification request here.


Spotify Fan Insights is a dashboard that gives you access to your listening data, audience insights, and more. With Fan Insights, you can:

  • See how many people are listening to you on Spotify.
  • Learn about who’s listening to your music.
  • Track which playlists are driving new listeners.
  • Update your Spotify artist image.
  • Add an Artist’s Pick to your artist page.

Fan Insights is available to all artists and managers. You can request access here.


The Verified Artist program merges your personal Spotify account with your artist page so you can create and post playlists to your artist page. You’ll also get a blue “verified” check on your artist page.

Verification is available for any artist with over 250 followers. You can request verification using this form.

Requiring artists to build a small following on Spotify helps us verify artists in a timely way.

While we do our best to verify pages as quickly as possible, it can take up to 4 weeks.

No problem. You can set up a separate account here that can be used to create and manage the playlists on your artist page.

You can create a new Spotify account here. Then fill out our verification form using the new account. When prompted, type ‘REPLACE’ in the verification flow. Your verified artist page will be linked to the new username.

Keep in mind this can take a couple of weeks to process.

The verification form on this website is only for artists — however verifications are sometimes also granted to non-artists.

If you're a label, brand, nonprofit, or a music blog, you can submit a verification request here.

Artists with over 250 followers can claim their discography by submitting an artist verification request. Verification merges an artist's discography with a user profile of their choice, and allows them to share playlists directly with their fans.

To verify your artist page, fill out this form.

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