Easy! Just request access to Spotify for Artists.

Once your request is granted, your artist profile gets the verified check mark and you’ll have access to a dashboard of listening data! You’ll also be able to manage your profile’s images, story, and more.

Spotify for Artists provides artists and their managers with audience stats and tools for managing their profile on Spotify. If you’re an artist or manager, get access here.

We take a close look at the information you provide and give you access only after we confirm who you are. Once you have access, you see stats about everything from who’s discovering your music to which of your songs are trending on Spotify. You’re able to update the image on your profile, post artist playlists, and make an Artist’s Pick anytime you want, all from one place. You also become a verified artist, so your profile on Spotify gets a blue verification check mark.

You need to have a Spotify account to get access to Spotify for Artists. If you don’t have a Spotify account, you can set one up when you’re getting access.

If you’re using DistroKid as your music distributor, you have instant access to Spotify for Artists when you request access through DistroKid.

No, but you can use your personal account to get access and log in to Spotify for Artists.

Note: This doesn’t give your personal account a verified check mark.

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