There are literally millions of playlists on Spotify. Whether generated by algorithms, our team of experts, or Spotify listeners all around the globe, they can be a great way to get your music in front of millions of potential fans. Learn how to get your music featured on them below.


For individuals.

Personalized playlists, like Discover Weekly and Release Radar, are different for each listener, based on that listener’s unique tastes. We also make seasonal ones like Wrapped and Summer Rewind.

These are generated by algorithms thoughtfully designed by real people. They look closely at our listeners’ habits and the habits of those with similar taste, and then recommends music we think they’d like. (‘Habits’ include listener activities such as plays, likes, shares, skips, and adds to playlists).

The more followers you have, the more of these playlists you’ll get on. Conversations about your music across the internet will help influence this. Check out our Promotion guide for tips.

Note: New music you release features in all your followers’ Release Radar playlists.


Made by us.

We handcraft thousands of editorial playlists. You can tell it’s one of ours by the Spotify logo on the top left corner.

Our Editorial team is made up of genre, lifestyle, and culture specialists from around the globe. Their understanding of the right music for every moment is based on years of experience and careful consideration of listening habits.

We also personalize some of these playlists so they have different tracks for different listeners, because we know everyone’s taste is different. Therefore, a playlist with sing-along hits can have songs each listener would know the words to!

If you get featured on one of these playlists, you can use a unique link to share it. This ensures whoever clicks it will see your track at the top of the playlist for the following 24 hours.

You can pitch a song from an upcoming release to be considered for editorial playlists. Learn more about pitching music here.


Made by everyone.

Over the years, listeners on Spotify have created millions of their own playlists.

These are a great way to understand your fans. They help you get a sense of how your music resonates and how your reach has grown. They can influence other types of playlists too. When fans save music to their playlists, it’s an indicator of the type of music they like, which we use to generate recommendations.

It’s up to your fans to get your music on these playlists. Check out our Promotion guide for tips on building your following.

Make your own.

You can also make your own playlists and feature them on your artist profile. This is a good way to show what you’re into, what you recommend, or highlight a playlist your music’s been added to.

Here are some tips to make the most of it:

  • Pin the playlist to the top of your artist profile with Artist's Pick.
  • Update it frequently. Try to add and/or remove tracks at least every other week.
  • Get the word out and share on social media.
  • Ask fans what they’d like to see in your playlist. Run competitions, make it collaborative.
  • Consider regional differences - the Spotify catalog can be different depending on the country you’re in.
  • Make your playlists unique by adding an image and text.
  • Start with around 25 tracks but avoid making it too long (max 100 tracks is advisable).
  • Think about music for various moods and moments. Here are some theme ideas to get you started: “Listening to right now”, “All-time favourites”, “Current inspiration”, “Whole catalogue/discography”, “Touring tunes”.

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