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Your artist page is your homepage on Spotify. It's where all your music and content lives. It's also where fans can discover more about what's happening with you — hear your newest releases, dig deeper with one of your playlists, find out where you’re touring, and even purchase your latest merch.

Artist Image

Making Spotify your own.

Your artist image reflects your unique identity on Spotify. While default images are pulled from Rovi's database, you can upload a new artist image using Spotify Fan Insights.

Changing your artist image on Spotify.
Changing your artist image on Spotify.

Artist's Pick

Featuring music you love.

You’re in control of what’s featured at the top of your artist page. Choose something you love — a track, album, or playlist — and add a short message about why it rocks. Your Artist's Pick lives at the top of your page for two weeks and can be changed whenever you want.

It’s a great way to let fans know you’re featured on a track, to showcase a new playlist, or to shout out an album you’ve got on repeat.

You can add a pick from your artist page once you have Fan Insights.

Your pick lives at the top of your artist page.
Your pick lives at the top of your artist page.


Becoming a verified artist.

Once you reach 250 followers, you can become a verified artist. You'll be able to use your Spotify account to create and post artist playlists. Plus your artist page gets a shiny blue checkmark — so everyone knows it's official.

To become a verified artist, please fill out this form.

Verified artists get a blue check.
Verified artists get a blue check.

Artist Playlists

Connecting with your fans.

Artist playlists are a great way to offer your fans an inside look at the music you love and the songs that inspire you. Artists like Diplo have built huge playlist followings, which they use to promote their own music, share what they're playing on tour, and champion the new artists they discover.

Here are a few of our favorite artist playlists:

Diplo & Friends

  • Premieres new tracks from friends
  • Supports up-and-coming artists
  • Cross-branded across his BBC1 radio show

Little Mix: #FridayFitness

  • Theme and songs rotate every few months
  • Crowdsource song ideas from fans on Twitter
  • Rebrand the same playlist so followers build over time

Played by Jamie XX

  • Features songs Jamie XX mixes during DJ sets
  • Allows fans to stay up to date on what he's playling live
  • Frequently updated with new tracks

Tour Dates

Promoting your concerts.

Want Spotify listeners to know when you're in town? Of course you do! That's why we work with Ticketmaster & Songkick to feature tour dates on your artist page. Nearby shows will also be recommended to your followers and frequent listeners via email and inside the Spotify app. Whatever we can do to help spread the word.

If you don't have your dates listed on Songkick, go to Tourbox to manage your shows.

The concerts tab on your artist page.
The concerts tab on your artist page.


Selling gear.

Whether it's t-shirts, vinyl, or custom leggings, fans love artist-concepted merch. You can sell your gear directly to fans around the world through our partnership with Merchbar.

Once your merch is listed, top products automatically populate on your Spotify artist page for fans to browse and buy. Merchbar works with most major labels and merchandise companies so there's a good chance your gear is already on your artist page. But if you manage your merch independently, head here to learn more about joining Merchbar.

Merch on your artist page.
Merch on your artist page.

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