Artist image guidelines

Before you upload images to your artist profile, make sure they meet these guidelines:

  • Use .jpeg, .png, or .gif file formats
  • Avatar images must be at least 750px x 750px
  • Header images must be at least 2660px x 1140px
  • Your image can’t be larger than 20MB
  • Don’t include infringing or offensive materials
  • Don’t include text, advertising, or busy backgrounds
  • Don’t promote your upcoming tour or album release
  • Make sure your images align with our copyright policy

Images can be removed if they violate our image guidelines, copyright policy, or terms and conditions.

Spotify for Artists lets you control how you look to your fans and to millions of listeners all over the world. While we’re committed to your freedom of expression, we also want Spotify to be free from prejudice, hatred, abuse, or illegal behavior.

Here’s more info on what we do and don’t allow:

Protecting intellectual property

You can’t upload any images that violate any copyright, trademark, or personal image rights, such as:

  • Copyright: In most countries, copyright laws exist to protect original works and creations (books, music, art, etc.). Copyright generally doesn’t protect ideas or facts, but in some cases it protects original words or images used to express an idea. For country-specific copyright info, visit the WIPO’s Global Directory.
  • Trademark: A trademark is a word, slogan, symbol, or design (such as a logo or brand name) that distinguishes the products and services offered by one company from those of another. Generally, the purpose of trademark laws are to ensure consumers aren’t confused about who exactly provides the service.
  • Personal images: Personality rights (or right of publicity) protect an individual from unauthorized public or commercial use of their name, image, personality, or likeness. You can’t post an image of an individual without their consent.

Offensive, violent, or inappropriate content

  • We don’t tolerate offensive or violent content. We have a large community of members from many countries, cultures, and backgrounds, so it's also important to remember that something you find disagreeable may not violate our guidelines.
  • Certain sexually explicit content like pornography isn’t allowed on Spotify. You also aren’t allowed to link or otherwise drive traffic to sites featuring such material.
  • Hate content, imagery, symbols, or references of any kind are strictly prohibited, and will be removed immediately.
  • Bullying or harassing an individual or group isn’t permitted anywhere on Spotify. That type of content will be removed.

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