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Track your Marquee results in Spotify for Artists.

For: Admins and Editors on web

  1. Log in to
  2. Go to Campaigns.
  3. Click SEE RESULTS next to the campaign.

We track user behavior for 14 days after they see your Marquee to find out if they stream a track from the release.

You’ll see results populate during the campaign, but your final results will be ready 2 weeks after your campaign ends.

We report on 2 main stats for your Marquee:

  • Campaign delivery: Marquee reach and clicks, updated hourly.
  • Listener engagement: Detailed stats on listener behavior, updated every 24 hours.

Marquee’s goal is to drive listener engagement and develop long-term fans, so we recommend you focus on listener engagement results.

Listener engagement results

Your listener engagement stats show how Marquee grabs your audiences’ attention in the short term and turns them into bigger fans over time.

Converted listeners

People who streamed at least one track from the release within 14 days after seeing your Marquee.

To gauge how Marquee drove fandom for your new release, look at the number of listeners your campaign converted, the conversion rate, and how they listened (e.g. streams per listener).

Intent rate

The percentage of listeners who saved or added a track from the release to a playlist - actions that show intent to listen to you again in the future.

Intent rate is a good indicator of your campaign’s long-term impact on your audience, beyond release week.

Our research shows that saves and playlist adds correlate with a 250% increase in streaming of that artist six months later.

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