Marquee targeting and destinations

Marquee targeting

Campaigns can target audiences in the following markets:

EuropeAustria; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Ireland; Italy; Liechtenstein; Monaco; Netherlands; Norway; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; United Kingdom
North AmericaCanada; Costa Rica; Dominican Republic; El Salvador; Guatemala; Honduras; Mexico; Nicaragua; Panama; United States
South AmericaArgentina; Bolivia; Brazil; Chile; Colombia; Ecuador; Paraguay; Peru; Uruguay
OceaniaAustralia; New Zealand

You can only create one Marquee campaign per release URI per targeted market. To target multiple markets, you'll need to schedule separate campaigns in Spotify for Artists.

To target listeners in the markets above with assistance from our local representatives, submit your info here.

To make your targeting more effective:

  • We adjust your audience during the campaign to remove people who’ve already intentionally sought out and streamed a track from the release
  • A user only gets one Marquee per release

Note: Marquees promoting singles only reach Premium listeners (you need Premium to pick and play individual tracks). Premium listeners can choose not to see Marquee, but our data shows they find them relevant and listen to the new releases promoted.

Choosing your audience

You can choose to target your reachable audience, or segments of that audience.

Note: You can’t choose specific listeners to target.

Your reachable audience

Your reachable audience is a group of people we select for your campaign.

We pick a group of listeners who follow you or show interest in your music and are likely to find your campaign relevant. We include fans of all main artists on your release.

This helps listeners see recommendations they enjoy and helps you get the most effective results for your budget.

Audience segments

Audience segments are subsets of your reachable audience based on the way they stream your music.

Your audience segments represent a portion of your reachable audience, not the total (for example, you can’t choose to target your most engaged listeners, but they’re included within your reachable audience).

You can target specific segments if we predict you’ll reach enough listeners to spend your minimum campaign budget.

  • Recently interested listeners: Actively streamed your music in the last 28 days
  • Casual listeners: Actively streamed your music in the last 6 months, but less than your other listeners
  • Lapsed listeners: Haven’t actively streamed your music in the last 6 months (but have previously)

Note: An active stream is when someone intentionally seeks out and plays your music. This doesn’t include playing from a Spotify-created personalized or editorial playlist (e.g. Discover Weekly, Rap Caviar, Radio, etc.)

Marquee destinations

The destination is where you send listeners when they tap your Marquee. Your destination can be the single page, album page, or EP page, depending on the new release you’re promoting. If you’re promoting a single, you may also have the option to send listeners to your This Is playlist.

Things to keep in mind with This Is playlist destinations:

  • We’ll pin your single to your This Is playlist if it’s not already pinned

  • You need an eligible This Is playlist

  • Using a Marquee to drive to this destination is only available for campaigns created via Spotify for Artists

  • Your campaign can run as soon as three days after your single’s release date

  • You can use your This Is playlist as the destination for multiple singles you want to promote, as long as the campaign dates don’t overlap

    Note: If you're promoting the same single in multiple markets, your campaign dates can overlap.

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