Some tracks not visible?

There are a few reasons why some tracks might not be available on Spotify.

Contact your label or distributor for help as they’ll have more info.

Info for distributors

Tip: Don’t recognise a term? Check the Service Level Guidelines we sent when you first delivered music to us.

  • Make sure the track-level rights were included in the XML. If they weren’t, send an update with the track-level rights included.
  • Check the TRACKS tab in our Catalog Manager.
    • See any gray music icons? This is a transcoding issue. Make sure the audio’s up to spec, then redeliver with full assets.
    • Don’t have access to our Catalog Manager? Reach out to our Content Operations Ingestion team.

Once the info looks right in our Catalog Manager, your tracks should show within 2 business days. If they don’t, reach out to our Content Operations Ingestion team.

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