Update not showing on Spotify?

We need at least 2 business days to process updates.

If you don’t see your update after 2 business days, contact your distributor for help.

Info for distributors

Tip: Don’t recognise a term? Check the Service Level Guidelines we sent when you first delivered music to us.

Here are some things to check in the Spotify Catalog Manager. If you don’t have access, reach out to our Content Operations Ingestion team.

  • Check the XML’s valid
  • Make sure the track structure hasn’t been altered
    Note: You can’t change the track structure after the content’s been ingested into our system. If you want to change the structure, you need to redeliver under a new primary ID (e.g. UPC, EAN, etc.)
  • Make sure the right Primary ID’s being used
  • All track and audio info needs to be properly referenced in the update
  • For audio updates: Make sure the audio’s up to spec and included in the update
  • For image updates: It may be a transcoding issue. Make sure the art’s up to spec, then redeliver with full assets, including new source files.

Once the info looks right in the Catalog Manager, your update should take effect within 2 business days. If it doesn’t, reach out to our Content Operations Ingestion team.

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