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Getting Your Music Up

The Game Plan

Before you do anything else, you've got to get your music up on the platform. Here's everything you need to get started.

Building Your Team

The Game Plan

The team you surround yourself with is instrumental to your success. Avoid the pitfalls of team building with tips from around the industry, including wisdom from Stephanie LaFera, Troy Carter, Rick Ross, and Mike Posner.

Building Your Artist Profile

The Game Plan

Your profile is the first impression you make on your fans. Learn how to spruce things up, with tips and best practices from other artists.

Welcome to The Game Plan

The Game Plan

Welcome to The Game Plan, a new series that gives you everything you need to get the most out of Spotify.

Colette Alexander, for the Game Plan.

Premium vs. Free

The Game Plan

Premium and free listeners use Spotify in different ways—here's how it all works, and how it affects your career.

How to Read Your Data

The Game Plan

We provide all kinds of data to help you see how you're doing. Here's how to see what playlists you're being added to, and what your fans are into.

Understand Your Audience

The Game Plan

Ever wonder who's hearing your music, and how? This episode gives you all the info you need to understand how your fans are listening.

Engaging Your Audience

The Game Plan

Now that your profile is up to speed, it's time to start engaging with your audience. Mike Posner, Ella Vos, & Jay Prince walk through the process of connecting with your fans.

What Is Spotify for Artists?

The Game Plan

We've built a powerful suite of tools to help you find your audience and maximize your presence. Here's a rundown of all the tools and features our app has to offer.

Promoting Your Work

The Game Plan

Once your music is out there, the real work begins. Rick Ross and Troy Carter teach you how to keep the conversation going on and offline.

How to get playlisted.

How to Get Playlisted

The Game Plan

You’re not just making music for yourself—you want to get heard, which means you want to get on playlists. Here's a step-by-step guide to getting your music in front of Spotify's editorial team.

How playlists work.

How Playlists Work

The Game Plan

Playlists reach listeners who already love you, and those who haven't heard you yet. They're the fastest way for new fans to discover your music... So how do they work?

Kamaya Jones, for the Game Plan.

How Spotify Pays You

The Game Plan

What is stream share, how does Spotify calculate how much you're paid, and how is this money is split? Spotify experts, Sheryl Crow, and independent artist Rén with the Mane break it all down.

Matt & Kim, for the Game Plan.

How Royalties Work

The Game Plan

Recording royalties? Publishing royalties? Matt and Kim, Sheryl Crow, and Cienfue weigh in on the importance of royalties and how they work on Spotify whether you're signed to a label or independent. Come to think of it, what are royalties anyway?

Releasing Music

The Game Plan

Releasing music is an exciting (and nervewracking) process. Good news: There's no rulebook anymore. Here are some innovative ways to put out music in the modern era.

The Follow Button

The Game Plan

If you aren't focusing on your followers, you're missing out—it's one of the quickest ways to find your audience. Here's why.