Everything you need to know about Co.Lab: Revenue Streams

November 5, 2018
What’s happening at the next Co.Lab, a new community event series from Spotify For Artists.

Making music isn’t easy. You do it because you’ve got a point of view you’re compelled to express. Your success as an artist demands that you’re super savvy, with a 360 degree view covering all aspects of your career across a multitude of platforms—from your videos, to your social media presence, to your merch, to the roll out of your records.

You simply can’t afford to be hazy when it comes to the business of music, so in this latest installment of Co.Lab, we’re diving into the many ways you can diversify your revenue. Just as there are more and more ways to get your music exposure, there are nearly countless new avenues to explore when it comes to increasing your bottom line. We’ve pulled together industry experts who will be able to help you strategically navigate the world of revenue streams. We hope you come away energized, with a newly expanded perspective.

Who’s going to be there?

We’ll have an amazing group of artists and musicians there to learn from our host – Mark “Frosty” McNeill, Co-Founder & Creative Director of dublab – and five incredible experts from the music industry:

  • Jenny Swiatowy – VP, Head of Creative Sync Licensing, Capitol Music Group
  • Morgan Rhodes – Music Supervisor of Selma and Dear White People
  • Kacie Lehman – SVP of Partnerships, MAC Presents
  • Sam Valenti IV – Founder, Ghostly International
  • Laura Escudé – Artist, Entrepreneur & Live Show Designer

What’s going to happen at Co.Lab: Revenue Streams?

You’ll have the chance to hear tips, tricks, secrets and strategies to use in your career, gather useful resources, get direct access to the industry experts at the event, meet other artists, have a few drinks and get your picture taken. We’re going to learn a lot and have a lot of fun.

5:45pm ..... Doors open.

6:30pm ..... Kick Off A quick panel with our experts and host. This is an opportunity for them to introduce the Merch theme and for you to get to know the experts a little before deciding what to do in the Breakouts.

7:00pm ..... Breakout No. 1 Your choice of Group Sessions or Office Hours.

7:45pm ..... Chill Fifteen minutes between Breakouts for you to catch your breath and grab some food or another beer.

8pm ..... Breakout No. 2 Your choice of Group Sessions or Office Hours.

8:45pm ..... Roundup A chance for our host and experts to recap some of what they discussed with artists during the Breakouts and say goodnight.

9pm ..... Socialize You’re invited to hang out in the space for as long you want, as long as you leave by 10pm. :)

What are Office Hours?

These are one-on-one conversations between you and an expert. You get five minutes; first come, first served. This is a space for scheming, collaboration, and access that would not otherwise be possible.

What are the Group Sessions?

Workshops, group conversations and brainstorms hosted by our industry experts:

The Anatomy of a Sync As VP of Creative Sync Licensing at Capitol Music Group, Jenny Swiatowy knows what a song sync really looks like. At Co.Lab, she’ll break down the basic components of a sync song and the subtle differences in music types for different media forms (TV, movie trailers, advertising and much more). She’ll show examples and take questions. Come prepared to learn.

What A Music Supervisor Looks For The first thing you need to know is that music supervisors are busy – you have to make it easy for them. Morgan Rhodes, Music Supervisor of Selma and Dear White People, says that means you have to be all the way buttoned up, from making sure your music is in the right places to be discovered to building out your metadata. Morgan will take you behind the curtain at Co.Lab for an in-depth look at how a music supervisor works. You’ll learn the actual tricks of the trade.

Retail Is the New Media Kacie Lehman, SVP of Partnerships at MAC Presents, knows the value of a brand partnership is way more than just the dollars that come with it. Consider the exposure it brings: digital media, out-of-home advertising, storefront windows. Think of these companies as marketing machines – for you. Learn how to cut through the clutter with your story when talking to brands, what to look for in a brand partnership and media spend, and how it can all benefit you in a big way.

State Your Mission Do you know what success really looks like? It’s different for everybody, but knowing what you’re trying to achieve is your best bet for actually achieving it. Sam Valenti IV, Founder of Ghostly International, thinks it’s important to write your bio in the future tense so you can really drill down on what you want. At Co.Lab: Revenue Streams, Sam will lead a mission statement exercise and help you figure out how to shape your career to turn that future-tense bio into a present-tense one.

Irons in the Fire Laura Escudé is one of those rare people who understands the full spectrum of the music industry. From making music to designing stage shows to starting her company Electric Creatives and launching an eight-week live performance workshop, Laura knows how to diversify revenue streams in music. Come hear her story, learn how to identify the opportunities available to you and how to keep all those irons in the fire as hot as possible.

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November 5, 2018
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