New Year's Resolutions: Get 'Best Advice' Inspo from Troye Sivan, Prince Royce, & More

December 29, 2022

Goal-setting ideas for music makers from some of the best in the business.

It's the perfect time of year to consider some New Year's resolutions for your career. Who better to ask than fellow artists who've already smashed so many goals on the way to success? Here are some thoughts from Big Freedia, Prince Royce, BANKS, and Troye Sivan to get you started.

And if you're looking for more, catch up on previous episodes of our Best Advice podcast as we gear up for more in 2023. Best Advice features musicians exploring the ups and downs of their artistic journeys, and lessons they've learned along the way. Happy New Year!

Stop underselling yourself

"Knowing what you're worth, sticking to it, and putting your foot down" is important, says Big Freedia, the undisputed Queen of Bounce. She's learned to be unafraid to say, "If you don't raise the money up, I can't do it."

Set limits on social

No one would dispute that being dialed in to engaging with your fans on social media is a crucial part of being an artist. But, says pop phenom Troye Sivan, too much scrolling can turn into "a complete vortex."

"I've got a timer on it and everything and ultimately, it's a scary thing to take that step back because you feel like you're maybe missing out on something," Sivan says. "I want to have a little bit more faith in myself than that, that I can make it work and still make stuff that I'm proud of even if it's not the most viral thing [on social] that month."

Expand your listening

"You want to know what's up. So I think it's also important to listen to other things outside of your genre. Especially nowadays with... streaming," says bachata hitmaker Prince Royce. "We can go into Spotify and find something from another country, and go see what's popping over there in the top 10. That's not a luxury that we had before."

Commit to a routine on tour

"If you can have those certain things that help establish a good routine, that really can help a lot,"  says alt-R&B singer/songwriter BANKS. "Getting enough sleep [is] so important on tour. Enjoy the cities. Explore."

"Having like a nighttime routine that you do - whether it's how you wash your face or meditating - can calm you down after you're performing or after you're doing high energy things. Coming back down to earth is important. [Get] exercise [after being] cooped up in a bus all day. I just love walking for hours and hours and hours."

Learn something new

For Troye Sivan, no matter what you've accomplished, there's always something more to learn. "I saw Lauryn Hill talking about becoming a master of something and then becoming a student again and then becoming a master of that and then becoming a student again," he says. "I think that is such a nice trajectory and that's kind of like what I aspire to."

Once you've set your resolutions, get started. "You've got to set goals and dreams [of] you want to do in life," says Big Freedia. "And you always want to keep those goals and dreams going. Once you accomplish one, it doesn't stop there. You want to keep on knocking stuff off your bucket list."

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