Spotify Launches Second Year of EQL Residency - Apply Now!

May 30, 2019

Are you a female-identifying audio professional? Apply for this paid, six-month residency in either London, Los Angeles, or Nashville.

Last November we announced The EQL Directory—a database of women and gender non-conforming audio professionals, powered by SoundGirls, made possible by Spotify. The idea behind it is simple: here’s a resource designed to make putting together an inclusive team that much easier.

Hand in hand with this is Spotify’s annual EQL Residency, a program that provides hands-on experience for rising studio engineers. From today until June 7th at 5pm PST, you can submit your application for positions in our Secret Genius studios in London, Los Angeles and Nashville. In partnership with Berklee College of Music, the EQL Residency is a paid, six-month residency for female-identifying producers and engineers.

Starting in September, the program will offer residents hands-on studio experience, as well as networking opportunities and ongoing mentorship from women leaders at Berklee College of Music. Last year, the EQL Residents also had the opportunity to work with Ivy Queen on a reimagined version of her anthem, Yo Quiero Bailar.

Recognized by USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative as a solution to the lack of women in audio, the EQL Residency joins Spotify’s other programs to support women in sound including Equalizer, the EQL Directory and Sound Up.

Ready to apply? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Applications are now live and close at 5PM PST on. June 7th
  • Residencies will start Sept 3rd and end on March 3rd
  • Apply here: Nashville / Los Angeles / London

Have a Question? Read our FAQ!

Am I able to apply to more than one residency? Go for it!

If I’m accepted, I’d have to move. Will Spotify provide relocation services or fees? No. If you choose to accept a residency somewhere you don’t currently reside, you’ll be responsible for relocating yourself in time for your first day in the studio.

I have a previous commitment (a tour, etc) that conflicts with the dates of the program. Can I apply and miss a few days in the studio? This will depend on the specific residency you’re applying to. If you have commitments that conflict, please disclose the dates in your application and we’ll evaluate on a case-by-case basis.

Will there be an additional funds for housing? We’re providing a stipend to compensate the residents, but you’ll be responsible for your own housing, food, transportation, etc.

What are the hours I need to be available for the residency? This will also depend on the studio you’re working in. However, we expect residents to be available full-time (8-10 hours a day) five days a week.

I’m not 21 now, but I turn 21 before the dates of the residency. Can I still apply? Yes, but you’ll need to make sure we know on your application that you will be 21 by Sept 1st.

Can we apply to this residency as a pair? Unfortunately, we only have space for one resident at each of the studios at this time.

Can I get an EQL Residency in my city? In 2019, we’re only offering residencies in Nashville, London and Los Angeles. We hope to expand on this program in the future!

Check out The EQL Directory.

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