Giving More Artist Teams Access to Marquee

We share how artists like Justin Bieber, beabadoobee, and Lyrica Anderson are using Marquee — along with our plans to expand Marquee to new countries and through a self-serve buying experience in Spotify for Artists.

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The 8 Biggest Highlights for Artists from Spotify Stream On

New countries, new marketing tools, and new ways to connect with fans are on the way.

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Discovering: ODIE

How the singer and his team at EMPIRE think about growing his audience as his music evolves, and how testing Discovery Mode fits into his strategy.

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Introducing Noteable

A new global home for songwriters, producers, and publishers.

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Keshi featured on the cover of the Jasmine playlist

Behind the Playlists: Jasmine

A Spotify editor talks about connecting the dots of Asian identity to create a unique listening experience.

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An animated gif image of the Canvas for Olivia Rodrigo's "drivers license"

From Concept to Canvas: Olivia Rodrigo's 'drivers license'

The biggest song in the world features one of the coolest Canvases on Spotify. We talk to Olivia Rodrigo’s creative team about making the perfect visual accompaniment for her breakup anthem.

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New Zealand-formed dream pop band Yomi Zouma

SoundBetter Stories: How Yumi Zouma Reimagined Their Latest Album

Learn how New Zealand dream pop quartet Yumi Zouma expanded their sonic horizons with the help of SoundBetter.

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From Concept to Canvas: Lous and the Yakuza's 'Gore'

Congolese-Belgian sensation Lous and The Yakuza teamed up with Brussels design studio BOLD to create the Canvas visuals for the singles leading up to her debut album, ‘Gore,’ on Spotify.

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A looping gif featuring the images of featured artists Georgetragic, Toni Hickman, and Keith Jones

How ‘Rising Phoenix’ Became a ‘Global Anthem’ for Rappers Living With Disabilities

When composer Daniel Pemberton was tasked with putting together the soundtrack for Netflix's film about the Paralympics he enlisted rappers Georgetragic, Toni Hickman, and Keith Jones to create the perfect theme song.

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How Jackboy and EMPIRE Used Marquee for His Single to Prime Listeners for the Album

We take a look at how the marketing team at EMPIRE used Marquee to successfully promote Jackboy’s single “Aggy.”

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