2022 Artist Wrapped

Accessing your Artist Wrapped

To get a 2022 Artist Wrapped, you need:

Initially, only members of the artist team can see your 2022 Wrapped.

Sharing your Artist Wrapped

If you share your Wrapped URL (and we hope you do!), anyone with the link can see it. We may also share your Wrapped microsite link with your label at our discretion.

You can only see stats for other artists who share their Wrapped link publicly.

If you change your mind about sharing your site, or someone shares it without asking, contact us and we’ll take the URL down.

Artist Wrapped data

Your 2022 Wrapped is a snapshot of dynamic data.

The data in your Spotify for Artists dashboard updates regularly over time, and shows stats for a variety of different time periods. So it’s possible the numbers don’t match up exactly.

Note: We can’t change any stats in your 2022 Wrapped.

You can’t directly compare to last year’s Wrapped, but your 2022 Wrapped shows your gains compared to 2021.

Not all artists’ Wrapped are the same. If we didn’t have enough data for a specific section, we didn’t include it.

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