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Lizzo Spotify Best Advice 102

And then there was that time Missy Elliott offered Lizzo some words she really took to heart…

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Business Basics

From financial planning to operating contracts, setting up a solid foundation can help you take creative risks in the long run. In this ep artist Nick Murphy (fka Chet Faker), and business manager Kristin Lee (Bad Wolves, Thunderpussy) share their tips.

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Jasmine Benjamin

With years working as a stylist and creative director for artists like Miguel and Destiny Rogers, Jasmine Benjamin knows your style can cue fans into who you are and what you believe.

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Photo by Thought Catalog/Unsplash

Neuroscience researcher Joe Barnby talks about the unique challenges artists face, and how they can prepare for a career in music.

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Eric during his early days as a busker, Photo by Fabian Lewkowicz

How Eric Burton went from busking to headlining.

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SoundBetter is the world's leading music talent marketplace, helping musicians and labels worldwide connect and collaborate with top music professionals.

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