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Ne-Yo, for Best Advice

As a pop star and songwriting powerhouse, Ne-Yo has experienced both sides of the business. Here, he delivers his best advice.

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Now that your profile is up to speed, it's time to start engaging with your audience. Mike Posner, Ella Vos, & Jay Prince walk through the process of connecting with your fans.

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avoidingburnout thumb v2 final

It can be hard to know when to say no, but unplugging to recharge is crucial. Nick Murphy, Olivia O'Brien, Salt Cathedral, and Mike Posner—plus Run The Jewels’ co-manager Amaechi Uzoigwe, and meditation expert Jesse Israel of The Big Quiet offer some tips.

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Recording Glossary Square Thumbnail

Here’s some of the gear and lingo you’ll want to know before you head into the studio.

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Brian Reitzell Industry Insider Lead

He’s spent the last two decades redefining the role of film soundtracks.

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Understanding Press And How To Get It

Knowing who’ll be interested in your music and how to tell them about it is key to attracting the attention you want.

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