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Videos & News

Matt & Kim, for the Game Plan.

Recording royalties? Publishing royalties? Matt and Kim, Sheryl Crow, and Cienfue weigh in on the importance of royalties and how they work on Spotify whether you're signed to a label or independent. Come to think of it, what are royalties anyway?

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Rick Ross, for Best Advice.

Rapper and savvy business mogul Rick Ross gets straight to the point when it comes to the best advice he's ever received.

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How playlists work.

Playlists reach listeners who already love you, and those who haven't heard you yet. They're the fastest way for new fans to discover your music... So how do they work?

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Ariana Grande live, photo by esheehanphotos via Flickr

The internet and social media have opened up a world of possibilities for connecting with artists—and each other. We take a look at how these new levels of access allow music listeners to be more involved in an artist’s success than ever before.

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Still from Silent Rival's "Just One Voice" Video, by Cherie Sinclair

With the music done and dusted now it’s time to think visuals. Award-winning Exec Producer Cherie Sinclair—who’s worked with everyone from Tegan and Sara to Austra—offers her advice on where to begin.

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Lindsey Jordan, Snail Mail

After a year that saw the 19-year-old indie rock singer achieve a deluge of critical plaudits for her raw, intimate debut LP, we sat down with Lindsey Jordan to discuss her writing process, its evolution, and inspiration.

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