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Videos & News

Mary J. Blige, for Best Advice.

Singer, actress, philanthropist, survivor, Mary J. Blige once received some invaluable advice from none other than Chaka Khan, and it’s stuck with her ever since.

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Business Basics

From financial planning to operating contracts, setting up a solid foundation can help you take creative risks in the long run. In this ep artist Nick Murphy (fka Chet Faker), and business manager Kristin Lee (Bad Wolves, Thunderpussy) share their tips.

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avoidingburnout thumb v2 final

It can be hard to know when to say no, but unplugging to recharge is crucial. Nick Murphy, Olivia O'Brien, Salt Cathedral, and Mike Posner—plus Run The Jewels’ co-manager Amaechi Uzoigwe, and meditation expert Jesse Israel of The Big Quiet offer some tips.

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Lindsey Jordan, Snail Mail

After a year that saw the 19-year-old indie rock singer achieve a deluge of critical plaudits for her raw, intimate debut LP, we sat down with Lindsey Jordan to discuss her writing process, its evolution, and inspiration.

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Still from Silent Rival's "Just One Voice" Video, by Cherie Sinclair

With the music done and dusted now it’s time to think visuals. Award-winning Exec Producer Cherie Sinclair—who’s worked with everyone from Tegan and Sara to Austra—offers her advice on where to begin.

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Damian Abraham Fucked Up Podcast

The seasoned boundary-pusher has carved out a niche at the intersection of punk, podcasting, and parenting.

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