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How to get playlisted.

You’re not just making music for yourself—you want to get heard, which means you want to get on playlists. Here's a step-by-step guide to getting your music in front of Spotify's editorial team.

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Mary J. Blige, for Best Advice.

Singer, actress, philanthropist, survivor, Mary J. Blige once received some invaluable advice from none other than Chaka Khan, and it’s stuck with her ever since.

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We provide all kinds of data to help you see how you're doing. Here's how to see what playlists you're being added to, and what your fans are into.

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Ricky Singh Photo by Rebecca Lader

The guitarist and businessman shares what he’s learned onstage and off.

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St. Vincent Photo by Nedda Afsari

Your artistic vision comes through more channels than just your music.

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Kelly Moran

Her work with prepared piano is leaping across classical music boundaries.

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