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EP02 GP Xavier

Take your career up a notch with the help of music legends and Spotify insiders. Get wise to The Game Plan, a new series that gives you everything you need to get the most out of Spotify.

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Your profile is the first impression you make on your fans. Learn how to spruce things up, with tips and best practices from other artists.

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We provide all kinds of data to help you see how you're doing. Here's how to see what playlists you're being added to, and what your fans are into.

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Interpol, Photo by Toni Francois

Interpol and others are connecting with—and rewarding—the people who love them the most.

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(Hinds, Photo by Neelam Khan Vela)

The Spanish indie rockers share tips for successful globetrotting.

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The rapper YG, photographed by Misha Vladimirskiy for the series "My Own Devices"

A seasoned photographer shares tips and tricks for getting the perfect shot.

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