Understanding your Discovery Mode performance report

Discovery Mode can help your songs reach more listeners and grow your fanbase. You can view your performance reports in your Campaigns tab.

Reporting metrics

We provide metrics across three categories: audience growth, long-term engagement, and streams. You can use these metrics to measure how your campaign performed overall, as well as how each individual song performed.

All metrics are updated daily starting on the 11th day of a campaign, up until the campaign end date. Long-term engagement metrics continue to update for 14 days after your campaign ends.

*These metrics are calculated by comparing the results of that metric during the campaign’s active period to the baseline average results of that metric during the 28 days prior to each song being selected for Discovery Mode.

Note: Discovery Mode campaign results may be impacted by other factors, including organic trends on and off platform and paired marketing efforts.

Understanding your performance report

You can use your performance report to choose which songs to select for future campaigns. There are several key metrics within each category you may want to consider when assessing the performance of individual songs:

  • For audience growth, consider listeners and listener lift. These metrics can convey the song’s impact on your campaign’s overall performance.

  • For long-term engagement, consider saves and playlist adds. These actions represent a high intent from listeners to play the song again.

  • For streams, consider stream lift. This percentage shows how the song's average daily number of streams in Radio and Autoplay has changed since the 28 days before the campaign began.

We encourage you to prioritize the metrics that are most aligned with your marketing strategies and campaign objectives to determine the success of your campaign.

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