Mary J. Blige

Best Advice

Singer, actress, philanthropist, survivor, Mary J. Blige once received some invaluable advice from none other than Chaka Khan, and it’s stuck with her ever since.

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Quincy Jones

Best Advice

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Rick Ross, for Best Advice.

Rick Ross

Best Advice

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Best Advice

And then there was that time Missy Elliott offered Lizzo some words she really took to heart…

Kathleen Hanna

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The Bikini Kill and Le Tigre founder, feminist activist, and riot grrrl originator passes on some pertinent guidance.

Sheryl Crow

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Navigating the music business with your sanity, integrity, and creativity intact can be tricky. Emotions can be overwhelming, but tapping into them is essential for creativity.


Best Advice

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Cyndi Lauper

Best Advice

The gutsy pop provocateur, Tony Award-winning composer, and philanthropist weighs in with some words of wisdom.

Kamasi Washington, for Best Advice.

Kamasi Washington

Best Advice

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Christina Aguilera, for Best Advice.

Christina Aguilera

Best Advice

Christina’s never been one to follow the rules, so what’s her best advice for handling her career from her teens till now?

Ne-Yo, for Best Advice


Best Advice

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Karen O, for Best Advice.

Karen O

Best Advice

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