Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Metadata: What It Is and Why It Matters

Making sure you’re digitally credited for the music you make is key to your income—and your success.

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James Tillman Photo by Lloyd Foster

James Tillman on Taking the Big Leap

The up-and-coming singer ignored conventional wisdom to follow his dreams.

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Manuel Gagneux, Zeal & Ardor, Photo by Stian Foss

Examining Race, Metal, and Subversion With Zeal & Ardor

Project founder Manuel Gagneux gets candid about the music press, his career ambitions, and the role music can play in times of political strife.

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Matt and Kim Photo by Caleb Kuhl

Matt and Kim on Film & TV Syncs, Inter-band dating, and Not Having Goals

Matt Johnson explains how planning not to plan can sometimes be the best plan.

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Ravyn Lenae

Ravyn Lenae on Balancing School and Career

The rising R&B star is barely out of high school—and is poised for takeoff.

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HIDE Photo by Nikki Sneakers

HIDE’s Heather Gabel on Motherhood, Late Starts, and Industrial Rage

This singer got her start in music in her late 30s, and balances band duties with being a single mom.

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Yuno, Photo by Yuno

Yuno: What I’ve Learned Doing Everything Myself

The Sub Pop signee makes his own music, videos, album art, and even press photos. Here, he tells us how and why.

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Kevan Kenney Interviewing Bea Miller, Photo by Mike Pont

Talk the Talk: Advice for Nailing Artist Interviews

Billboard’s Kevan Kenney shares tips for when it’s time to talk to journalists.

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Interpol, Photo by Toni Francois

How Spotify Puts Fans First

Interpol and others are connecting with—and rewarding—the people who love them the most.

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