Glossary of Music Terms: Recording

Here’s some of the gear and lingo you’ll want to know before you head into the studio.

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Ricky Singh Photo by Rebecca Lader

Industry Insider: Roadrunner Records A&R Rep Ricky Singh

The guitarist and businessman shares what he’s learned onstage and off.

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Mitra Khayyam at Co.Lab: Merch

Brand Strategist and Creative Director Mitra Khayyam on Creating Fantasies

With her brand Midnight Rider, Mitra Khayyam is helping older artists appeal to a brand new generation of fans.

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Anthony Hamilton Photo by Ted Wimbush

Anthony Hamilton on Going from Backup Singer to Solo Star

Touring with D’Angelo in his ‘Voodoo’-era, this neo-soul crooner learned some invaluable lessons behind a microphone that wasn’t spot-lit, center-stage.

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St. Vincent Photo by Nedda Afsari

Why Establishing Your Brand Is Key

Your artistic vision comes through more channels than just your music.

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Kelly Moran

Experimental Composer Kelly Moran on Finding Your Sound

Her work with prepared piano is leaping across classical music boundaries.

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Sioux Zimmerman speaking at Co.Lab: Release Strategies

What Really Gets Music Critics to Shows, According to Sioux Zimmerman

The PR powerhouse and dot connector knows what it takes to build a community around an artist.

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An Illustrated Guide to Mastering Tour Life

How to get the most out of being on the road.

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Jeff Ellis speaking at Co.Lab: Network

Recording Engineer and Mixer Jeff Ellis on Versatility

The Grammy award-winning mixing engineer finds that staying flexible and breaking traditional rules leads to some of his best work.

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Alex Gvojic at Co.Lab: Touring

How to Think About Your Show in 360 Degrees

Artist and environmental designer Alex Gvojic shares notes on how to deliver a performance that plays into all five senses.

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