Loretta Lynn, Photo by David McClister

Loretta Lynn: An Original Outlaw's Advice

In the sixth decade of her career and the ninth of her life, her status as a country legend is assured—yet she’s still writing and releasing music.

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A Perfect Circle

A Perfect Circle on the Importance of Giving Your Band a Break

Guitarist Billy Howerdel says he and Maynard James Keenan use hiatuses to strengthen their work together.

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Everything you need to know about Co.Lab: Touring

Learn how to thrive on the road.

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BLACKPINK Photo Courtesy of YG Entertainment USA

2018: The Year K-Pop Broke (In America)

YG Entertainment shares insight into how their group BLACKPINK is helping K-pop take over the world.

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YOB Photo By Orion Landau

YOB’s Mike Scheidt on Touring Well with a Chronic Illness

Getting—and staying—healthy on the road helped save this doom metal icon’s life.

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ARTY, Photo by Easton Schirra

ARTY on Going Global

The Russian DJ talks about the patience and perseverance that took him from Russia to a Vegas residency.

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Metric, Photo by Justin Broadbent

Metric: The Welcome Challenge of Being an Opener

Two decades into the band’s career, they relish opportunities to open for other bands, finding freedom in playing for new crowds.

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Maribou State Photo by Alexandra Waespi

Maribou State on How They Beat Writer’s Block

The electronic duo discovered that a fancy big-city studio was not the key to making beautiful music.

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The Internet, Photo by Alan Lear

The Internet: How We Operate As a Collective

Producer Matt Martians sheds light on the funky soul and R&B band’s unique synergy.

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Lizzo, Photo by Jabari Jacobs

Trap Queen and the Data Scientist: How a Subgenre Is Born

Glenn McDonald, Spotify’s data alchemist, spends his days figuring out which artists aren’t getting the attention they deserve—and then he tries to fix it.

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