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How to Advance Your Show Like a Pro

Nailing down the particulars with the venue ahead of time will help ensure a smooth performance.

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The Importance of Good Storytelling

Industry vet Fadia Kader discusses how artists can use social media and brand partners to tell their story.

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Naaz on Getting Real With Your Audience

The Dutch pop upstart talks about her honest approach to social media.

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Playlists at Work: Elohim

Her moody electro-pop has found its way to millions of fans thanks to broad, genre-bending appeal.

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Watch Our Latest Co.Lab Videos on Visual Identity

In this installment from Atlanta, industry experts explain how to think about your visual identity.

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The Best Advice Trippie Redd Ever Got

Turns out the Canton, OH rapper’s taking a page straight from his school books and advice from the mouth of one of history’s most revered figures.

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A Psychologist’s Take on Mental Health for Musicians

Neuroscience researcher Joe Barnby talks about the unique challenges artists face, and how they can prepare for a career in music.

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Tomb Mold Photo by Jake Ballah

Tomb Mold's Steve Musgrave on Keeping a Day Job

The bass player loves his non-band career too—and he's figured out how to have both.

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Black Pumas Photo by Merrick Ales

Black Pumas’ Street Performance Origin

How Eric Burton went from busking to headlining.

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Photo by Duncan Kidd/Unsplash

How to Submit Your Demo to a Label

Forged Artifacts founder Matt Linden breaks down the do’s and don’ts of finding the right one, and then getting their attention.

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