Celebrating Artist Success With Spotify Charts: New Website, New Charts, and New Features

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November 10, 2021

Our new charts — based on genres, cities, and more — give artists new opportunities to be recognized and celebrate their milestones.

We relaunched and expanded Spotify Charts a year ago to give artists even more opportunity to celebrate their successes with fans. We started by publishing them as playlists in the Spotify app and sharing weekly flagship and debut charts on Twitter and Instagram.

Today, we’re launching a new destination for artists and fans to go deep on all the data and see what music is moving listeners around the world.

The new website also introduces new charts to give more artists the opportunity to reach positions globally. Plus, new shareable Promo Cards will give artists and their fans more tools to celebrate their wins and milestones together.

Head to spotifycharts.com, and you’ll find Weekly Top 50 Global Songs, Albums, and Artists charts. Log in to the site with a free Spotify account and you can dive even deeper to access the full Top 200 Global Songs, Albums, and Artists charts, detailed stats like streaks, peak position, and song credits, as well as the brand new Genre, City, and Local Pulse charts.

Let’s dive into the new charts and functionality:

Artist Charts

Artist charts are a reflection of who is at the top of their game based on streams across their entire catalog. Every Friday, the top 200 artists are updated globally and across the top 65 markets giving fans a chance to track their faves rise.

Genre Charts

As new sounds emerge and diverse artists collaborate, the concept of genre expands. Our genre charts celebrate that evolution and help fans stay on top of their favorites. Every week, Spotify’s charts generate the top 200 songs across 17 genres, categorizing songs based on context from user playlists and editorial feedback. (Currently, artists aren’t able to edit their songs’ genre, but they can flag any miscategorization to our support team.)

City and Local Pulse Charts

Artists and fans around the world set the soundtrack to their cities. Each week on Friday, Spotify’s city charts tap into the music that is popular among listeners in over 200 top cities.

Local Pulse charts go a step further by highlighting the uniquely popular songs in each city. We look at each track’s popularity among listeners in each city compared to its popularity around the world to show off the distinct taste of local listeners.

Chart Data and Songwriter Credits

Along with the new charts comes new data; now you can see chart entry dates, peak positions, and streaks from the expanded view. That’s not all — because songwriters and producers are integral to the music we all love, we’re including credits for each song that are visible when you click “more.” You can view the label or distributor powering each release, too.

Promo Cards

The Spotify Charts experience isn’t just about knowing more, it's about celebrating artists’ successes, too. That’s why we’ve created brand new shareable Promo Cards to accompany any chart position on the site. All you have to do to access them is click “more” next to an item on the chart, click the “Share Promo Card” button, choose your aspect ratio, and you’re good to go. These are available to artists and fans alike.

Fans make hits possible, and with the new and improved Spotify Charts experience, they’ll be able to track, learn more about, and share the successes of the music and artists they love.

Spotify for Artists helps you to develop the fanbase you need to reach your goals.

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