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Get the most out of Spotify with resources to supercharge your songwriting career — whether you're performing your own lyrics or writing for others.


Discover Spotify-powered opportunities to create music, connect with other visionaries, and promote your work.


Get global analytics that help you understand your catalog and land the best opportunities for your roster of songwriters and producers.

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Mix it up in our Songwriting Studios

Whether you’re ready to lay down tracks, pen lyrics, or just looking for a place to get creative — Spotify for Artists has your back with free studio time for songwriting and production sessions.

  • Available in London
  • Free to use
  • Includes an on-site engineer
  • Tell the story behind your songs with Spotify Clips

    Invite fans into your songwriting and production process with Clips — short, under-30-second videos that allow you to express the artistry behind your music.

    Promote your work

    Promotional tools with songwriting at the center

    Songwriter Pages

    Songwriter Pages can showcase your written work, attract potential collaborators, and expand your industry network. They're digital songwriting resumes that spark career-building opportunities anywhere, any time.

    Written By playlists

    Written By playlists are fan-facing versions of Songwriter Pages. They increase exposure to new audiences, deepen relationships with current fans, and maximize discoverability on Spotify by allowing listeners to hear your career-spanning works.

    Clickable song credits

    Clickable, in-app song credits on Spotify enable fans, fellow creators, publishers, and music supervisors to dive deeper into the music they love and discover those who wrote and produced it.

    Want to learn more about Songwriter Pages, Written By playlists, and clickable credits?


    Celebrate your written work with fans

    Songwriter Promo Cards

    If you have a Songwriter Page or Written By playlist on Spotify, use Songwriter Promo Cards to create personalized, customizable graphics you can share with fans on social to promote your credited songs.

    Share your lyrics on social media

    Did you know lyrics on Spotify are interactive and shareable? Bring the lines you’re most proud of to life with in-app sharing options.


    Global analytics built for publishing

    Are you a publisher? Spotify for Publishing provides next day global analytics to help you understand the performance of your roster’s catalog and land them career-advancing opportunities.

    At this time, we can only grant access to publishers who can provide details of the works they represent via the Common Works Registration (CWR) format.

  • Explore detailed insights on both the composition and songwriter level.
  • View next-day global and territory-specific streaming analytics, listener demographics, playlist adds, and more.
  • Identify new and alternate cover versions, live recordings, and remixes.
  • Maintain Songwriter Pages and Written By playlists.
  • Loud & Clear: Publishing Edition

    How do songwriters get paid? It’s one of the most common questions we get asked. Let’s break it down with our “Loud & Clear: How the Money Flows” video.


    Songwriting playlists and podcasts

    Search “songwriters” on Spotify to check out…

  • Written By playlists: Get inspired by the work of your fellow songwriters
  • Created by Women playlist: Hear songs that are 100% written, produced, and performed by women
  • Song Start: Tune in to podcast episodes with tips to power your creativity
  • Videos and articles

    Content to get you inspired