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Here you’ll find a list of our preferred and recommended providers, all of which meet our standards for delivering music to our platform.

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Artist distributors

Want to get your music on Spotify? These companies will handle the licensing and distribution to Spotify and other streaming services, and pay you the royalties you earn when listeners stream. These providers offer instant access to Spotify For Artists for all their users.

  • Logo for Distrokid
    DistroKid is the easiest way for musicians to get music into Spotify and more. Upload as much as you want, keep 100% of your royalties.
  • preferred
    Founded in 1998, CD Baby is the most trusted distributor of independent music working with more than 1 million artists internationally. Distribute, monetize, and promote your music worldwide! Get paid weekly. No annual fees.
  • Logo for Emubands
    EmuBands is the trusted partner of thousands of artists, labels and managers across the world. With supercharged release features and expert support, we provide a low-cost solution to distribute your music, allowing you to retain control of your copyright and keep 100% of your royalties.
  • Logo for Record Union
    Record Union was the first independent distributor to partner with Spotify and has helped independent music makers distribute their music to Spotify since 2009. Our users love us for the simplicity in our product, our love for independent music, our professional and friendly support and our short delivery times. Record Union aims to make music industry more democratic, accessible and transparent for the many - not just the few.
  • Logo for Vydia
    Vydia offers labels, managers, and artists the infrastructure and technology to power their business. With a full suite of services, Vydia offers supply chain, global distribution, analytics, rights management, and payments. Combining innovative technology with industry expertise, Vydia is distribution reimagined. Cover all your rights (Video, Sound Recording, Composition, and Web) with one simple-to-use platform.
  • preferred
    ONErpm is a premiere music solutions company that balances the services of a record label with the freedom of a distribution company. Utilizing proprietary technology, we offer marketing, analytics, specialists, and localized support to thousands of artists, labels, and creators worldwide. At ONErpm we develop sustainable audiences while maximizing your content’s revenue.
  • preferred
    Amuse empowers artists to build their careers on their own terms, by offering music distribution and label services to artists and teams around the world. We make it easy to distribute your music quickly to all major music services and social platforms. Keep track of your releases, earnings, and data, while keeping 100% of your rights and royalties.
  • preferred
    Serving over one million users since 2007. RouteNote offers both Free and 100% Royalty subscription plans. Everyone gets unlimited releases, unlimited artists, powerful tools and much more!
  • preferred
    SoundOn empowers artists and labels to distribute music globally on all major streaming services and social platforms, while maintaining 100% ownership. An all-in-one platform for music marketing and distribution, SoundOn is designed for both new and established artists, helping them develop and build their careers.
  • preferred
    We are committed to providing a high-quality, affordable solution for artists, labels, and managers looking to distribute their music to major platforms worldwide. Easily upload music, retain 100% rights and royalties. Get expert support, tools, and audience growth services. Whether you're just starting out or you're an established artist, we're here to help you take your music to the next level.
  • preferred
    Benefit from real human support, provided by fellow artists, and get your music live on Spotify within 2-3 days. Renowned for its cutting-edge AI mastering engine trusted by industry professionals since 2013, LANDR offers a first-of-its-kind platform to create, master, and distribute your music seamlessly.
  • preferred
    MUGO is the biggest new generation publisher in Poland. We are a distributor of the greatest Polish artists. MUGO helps you optimally manage your career and creation. It opens up new wide publishing and promotional opportunities for the artist. MUGO bases its operation on high-tech technologies. Polish language website.
  • Logo for 
    iGroove helps artists and indie labels push their reach and revenue. We offer years of expertise, release strategy consulting, promotion services, advance payments, playlist pitching, marketing tools and our uniquely personal support. With our software you can analyze your numbers and easily split the revenue of your releases among all participants. Worldwide distribution with Swiss quality!
  • Passionately dedicated to electronic music and leading our community forward with innovative technology: unlock DJ Mixes on Spotify to supercharge earnings and exposure, save time by fully automating all your contracts + statements + payments + expenses with artists, level up with a modern promo pool that is free + automatic + adored by DJs. Lovingly called home by over 2000 independent electronic music labels.
  • Get your music on Spotify with TuneCore and join the artists who earned $2.5 Billion in revenue and keep 100% of 100%. TuneCore artists distribute in 200 countries and over 150+ music stores. And our 24/7 artist support team is the best in the industry.
  • Venice Music is more than distribution. It’s an opportunity to learn from industry professionals and get the tools and skills to help build your fanbase. We offer sync, listening sessions, and tips to market your music. You’ll also gain access to a close-knit community of artists, managers, and music executives.
  • Too Lost provides music distribution solutions to independent artists and labels. Hundreds of thousands of artists and labels use Too Lost to get their music into stores and services like Spotify. Access industry leading analytics, upload as music as you want, and receive 100% of your royalties every month.
Label distributors

Work at a label and want to get your music on Spotify? These companies will handle the licensing and distribution to Spotify and other streaming services, and pay you the royalties you earn when listeners stream.

  • Logo for The Orchard
    The Orchard is a leading music distribution company operating in over 40 markets worldwide offering a comprehensive suite of artist & label services.
  • Logo for Believe
    Believe is the leading fully Independent music company, providing Smart Distribution and Artist and Label services Worldwide.
  • Logo for FUGA
    FUGA are the industry-leading technology and services company for international rightsholders. At the company’s core is the FUGA platform, offering best-of-breed digital supply chain integration alongside dynamic promotion and marketing. FUGA’s platform manages 5 million+ tracks, with over 5 million deliveries every month.
  • Logo for InnerCat Music Group
    InnerCat Music Group is an independent, forward-thinking modern music company specializing in artist development, offering digital distribution, digital marketing, video channel optimization & management, artist & label services, neighboring rights collection, catalog monetization and metadata services. We empower artists.
  • ZVONKO digital (aka IRICOM) offers a full range of services for artists and labels from distribution and promotion to monetization and detailed release analytics. ZVONKO digital always uses up-to-date tools for work and helps its clients achieve the desired result. The service was previously known as National Digital Aggregator.
  • Logo for Soulspazm
    Building on over 20 years of independent record label experience, Soulspazm is a full service agency designed to elevate high quality music for both labels and artists. Music culture has never been noisier and our Brooklyn-based team understands what it takes to drive visibility in a crowded marketplace. As such, our roster is selective and our clients receive our unwavering attention.
  • Logo for ampsuite
    Ampsuite provides software for record labels & aggregators. The software is included at no cost as part of a distribution package with ampsuite or available on monthly lease as a delivery-only mechanism for those with their own DSP deals. Incorporating content management, royalty accounting, promotional tools, digital contracting, Video creator, in-depth analytics, download store, licensing tracker. Ampsuite also offer publishing & neighbouring rights administration services and data processing.
  • Logo for Repost by SoundCloud
    Next Plus and Next Pro by SoundCloud allow artists to distribute their music to over 60+ stores, connect with their fans, and accelerate their careers. Upload your music and share private links with fans prior to release, then distribute to Spotify and beyond…all from the same platform. Artists can also take advantage of exclusive features like automatic split pay with collaborators and the ability to pitch their music for national airplay on SiriusXM, in addition to a full suite of promotional tools to access playlist opportunities, increase streams, and reach new audiences on all major streaming and social platforms.
  • Logo for IDOL
    Founded in 2006, IDOL is a fully independent pioneer in digital distribution. Driven by its passion for independent music, its innovativeness and its qualitative approach, the company has become over the years a major specialist in the global distribution market. It offers today a complete range of first-class services, tailored to meet the needs of labels and artists. The group also includes Spotify-preferred delivery platform Labelcamp dedicated to content distributors.
  • Logo for Kontor New Media
    With more than 20 years of expertise and widespread connections, Kontor New Media is a leading distributor and a certified MCN for independent releases across all genres. Equipped with a state-of the-art database offering CMS and extensive streaming analytics, the service portfolio ranges from content management & delivery, sales promotion and marketing to in-depth royalty accounting - all from one source and with personal support.
  • preferred
    ZEBRALUTION is a full service provider offering labels & artists a global distribution network as well as specialized & customized marketing to DSPs. From delivery to accounting - Zebralution offers a comprehensive service for everything around music releases. Operating in a worldwide team and providing state-of-the-art tools and services for the maximum success of labels and artists.
  • Logo for e-Muzyka
    e-Muzyka is the leader of the Polish market of digital music distribution and the largest digital music distributor in Central Europe. Through the years, we have gained trust of the most important and biggest labels in Poland and many foreign. We deliver comprehensive technical and marketing solutions. Our team comprises recognized experts of the music industry, with many years of experience and unique knowledge of the music markets. Trust the best!
  • preferred
    Symphonic’s platform works for Artists, Managers, Labels, and more. Aside from promoting new material, we grow back catalogs and represent all genres (with strong strength in Latin, Electronic, Hip Hop, Pop). Our tech makes your life easier. Daily Analytics, Splits (Royalties and Payments), Monthly Payments, Catalog Management tools and more without any upsells or hard limits. Worldwide.
  • For over two decades, Secretly Distribution has built a global digital and physical distribution network serving all major markets worldwide. We offer hands-on development, marketing, technology, investment, and support to some of the most exciting and diverse labels and artists working today. We are a completely independent company who believes that our success is built on ethically and responsibly supporting great independent music.
  • Cinq Music Group is a technology driven distributor, record label and music publisher. Cinq helps artists and labels develop talent, navigate volatile technology shifts, and ensure proper management of their assets via its suite of online tools. The end result is a global music company built for the future.
  • Founded in San Diego, California in 1997. Still independent. Still focused on advocating for independents. Often first in a space and the model for others to follow. Every client is cherry-picked. Mixing old school sensibilities and new school technology. Now based in Nashville with clients all over the globe. Small enough for personal interaction and big enough for billboard-charting, platinum-certified, GRAMMY-awarded releases.
  • preferred
    As one of Europe’s leading independent music distributors, dig dis! helps labels to distribute their music in the digital world on a daily basis. We provide innovative tools to our partners and are always looking to streamline label management. Founded in 2006, dig dis! was one of the first distros trusting in the digital music format and ever since is constantly looking for new ways to monetize music.
  • Logo for Redeye Worldwide
    Founded in 1996, Redeye has established a reputation as a global distribution solution focused on the rich and diverse tapestry of the independent music community. Working alongside some of today's premiere independent label and artist brands, Redeye has charted a course of steady and sustainable growth while remaining true to the independent spirit and love of great music on which they were founded.
  • Established in 1997, Black Hole Recordings has been at the forefront of the music industry. In 2007 the company expanded its offerings to include label management and distribution. With a profound focus on electronic dance music, our dedicated team possesses expertise in distribution, marketing and online promotion, offering tailor-made packages to our label partners. As an independent entity, Black Hole prioritizes quality over quantity. Captivate, communicate, celebrate!
  • Downtown Artist & Label Services offers distribution, strategic marketing solutions, end to end project management and funding to entrepreneurial artists, labels and their partners, ranging from emerging talent at the forefront of pop culture to the most storied managers and record labels.
  • preferred
    Altafonte is a global music and technology company founded in Madrid in 2011. Altafonte partners with artists and labels to make their music available on over 150 streaming platforms and digital stores worldwide. It’s one of the fastest growing independent music companies in the world and a leader in Latin America, with 16 offices in 13 countries. As part of its services, Altafonte offers digital and physical distribution, global marketing and promotion, royalty payments, publishing and neighboring rights, synchronizations, and video network. In 2022 Altafonte was certified as a BCorp company, making it one of the first music companies to earn the certificate. This certification shows the highest standards on cultural diversity, inclusivity, collaboration, and ethics: being conscious of the impact of the company’s actions in the ecosystem and offering real solutions for responsible, sustainable, and fair growth.
  • Logo for Absolute Label Services
    Absolute Label Services work directly with artists, managers and labels to provide everything you need to take your music to market. Our experienced team will work with you to create a bespoke release strategy whether you’re a chart-topping act or an emerging artist.
  • Logo for Feiyr
    Release your music in over 200 countries and 100+ stores with Feiyr, the leading distributer with over 30 years of experience. Say goodbye to fixed monthly costs and manage your music (of all genres) effortlessly with our all-in-one platform. Access our premium tools for marketing, content management and other label services like in-depth statistics and royalty sharing. Choose Feiyr and boost your music career today.
  • Logo for Label Engine
    Label Engine is a best-in-class global distributor with a comprehensive suite of free features and tools for labels. From accounting and distribution to marketing and demo management, Label Engine empowers you to maximize revenue and reach with an easy-to-use platform and first rate support. Label Engine provides distribution to hundreds of digital stores worldwide, and provides comprehensive analytics and monthly payments.
  • preferred
    EWWAY offers premiere one-stop distribution solutions for labels, artists, and rights holders. Our leading technologies and personal support will make your distribution easier. Come and enjoy fast deliveries, promotions, daily trends and analytics, royalties splits, 24/7 support and more services!
  • Logo for Proton
    Passionately dedicated to electronic music and leading our community forward with innovative technology: unlock DJ Mixes on Spotify to supercharge earnings and exposure, save time by fully automating all your contracts + statements + payments + expenses with artists, level up with a modern promo pool that is free + automatic + adored by DJs. Lovingly called home by over 2000 independent electronic music labels.
  • Identity Music closely collaborates with labels to provide comprehensive distribution, promotion & protection for artists. Widely recognised for our exceptional industry support, we empower artists to take control of their assets and their future. By dismantling the barriers of the modern-day music industry, Identity Music is proudly creating a more inclusive space for independent artists to thrive. We ensure our undivided attention is devoted to our carefully curated roster of valued clients.
  • preferred
    While other aggregators are focused on closing leonine agreements based on advances that are impossible to recover, at MUSICADDERS we focus on ensuring that labels and distributors are paid as much as possible for their content and that their songs are treated as good as possible on digital platforms. Additionally, our MUSICADDERS Choice tool allows our clients to migrate their catalogs effortlessly.
  • preferred
    Euphoria Media Group is a label and artist services provider. We are passionate about simplifying all the steps after media production. Our services include music distribution, rights management, promotion, and publishing. Always ready to support labels & artists. Let's get your great songs heard!
  • Modern Music Services for Independent Professional Creators. Kartel offers an integrated global solution for distribution, label services and marketing.
  • Bquate is a SaaS platform that monetizes and protects content. Our platform is built with our customers' needs in mind. We know what matters most to scale. We built the tech to make it possible. You can set roles and permissions for your team, pre-determine payment splits and commissions, and most importantly, you can access trends and analytics about your assets performance to forecast, strategize and grow your business with ease and success. Bquate is a key to unlock opportunity and take your business to new heights.
  • Logo for DANMARK
    Danmark Music Group is one of the main players in Europe when it comes to digital distribution. Sell and stream your music today!
  • Logo for Uniqueopia GmbH
    Uniqueopia is a music company that empowers artists and labels with a distribution platform, offering a comprehensive set of features for catalogue management and music delivery to Spotify and more. German language website.
  • Logo for Independent Digital
    ID has been operating on the market for almost 20 years. We’re the biggest digital music distributor in Central Europe. Fully independent. Client-centric approach, innovative technological solutions and openness to the most difficult music genres to distribute makes us unique. ID provides a full scope of service for artists and labels including distribution, monetization, promotional activities and analytical tools. We’re constantly developing! #GetLouder
  • Qanawat Music is the leading independent music distributor in the MENA region with the largest Arabic Music Catalog worldwide. With more than 15 years of experience, 5 offices with on ground Artists relations managers, we offer music distribution, monetization, customized marketing plans with local music genres and playlists to meet label and artist needs at most.
  • Started in 2008 and headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Jamvana provides cutting-edge music distribution software for musicians and labels at all stages, with features including content ID, fingerprinting, monetization, and more. Their primary focus is positioning their catalog for the best possible results on all service providers. In addition to music distribution, Jamvana provides music white labeling solutions alongside media and ad buys
  • Ingrooves is a world leader in music distribution, marketing, and technology that empowers labels and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and thrive in the global music industry. Headquartered in Los Angeles with offices throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia, Ingrooves works everywhere music is streamed.
  • Almus Music is engaged in music industry since 2013 and it's working closely with artists, labels and authors (publishing) to get the best of their music creations. We offer digital distribution to Spotify and many other other platforms independently. Supporting artists and labels is our duty!
  • Cargo Records is one of the oldest strictly independent music distributors in the UK with over 30 years of specialist distributor knowledge in Rock, Electronic and Alternative genres. Cargo delivers digital and physical music worldwide with label services at the heart of the company, providing dedicated account management, manufacturing support, fast digital delivery and opportunities to help campaigns reach their full potential.
  • We distribute artists, bands and labels. We belong to the media group which owns i.a. radio stations, music festivals, record label, advertising agency. We focus on promotion and the quality of content. We maintain UGC systems, sound libraries, we deliver high quality, immersive audio and features i.a. animated covers. Our operations aim at professionalism, transparency and customer experience.
  • Since 2006, Rebeat Digital has been a leading European music distributor, offering a 360 service that combines flexible distribution, royalty accounting, data management, marketing tools, personal support and much more in one easy-to-use system. With its constantly improving system and flexible technology, Rebeat Digital is able to cover all use cases for small and large music labels.
  • A UK-based company, founded in 2007 in conjunction with the Sundesire labels, has many recommendations from stores and labels. The fully automated service allows you to quickly and easily organize the delivery of your music albums and video clips to online stores.
  • [Integral] is the music services division of [PIAS]. We have over 40 years of experience delivering premium digital and physical distribution, sales and complimentary services to record labels and artists around the world. Our success is built upon the quality, breadth and depth of our service and the music we represent. [Integral]’s repertoire partners know their craft - we share their passion and strive to drive discovery and grow revenues across global audiences.
  • Aloaded transforms the future for labels and artists. Global delivery, local pitching. Additional income streams such as sync, royalty advances, merch on demand and a state-of-the-art marketing stack. We’re here to help.
Delivery platforms

Don’t need help with the licensing side of things? These companies will get your music and metadata where it needs to go.

  • Logo for FUGA
    FUGA are the industry-leading technology and services company for international rightsholders. At the company’s core is the FUGA platform, offering best-of-breed digital supply chain integration alongside dynamic promotion and marketing. FUGA’s platform manages 5 million+ tracks, with over 5 million deliveries every month.
  • Logo for EMS
    EMS offers superior digital logistic solutions to power the complete technical side of the media distribution business. From metadata management to quality assurance and timely delivery to retail partners worldwide, clients are keeping control of all aspects, including sales analytics.
  • Logo for Labelcamp
    Developed by the digital distribution pioneer IDOL, the Labelcamp application offers a complete range of intuitive tools including delivery management, sales reporting, and modern analytics dashboards. It enables distribution companies to handle all digital operations, with the highest autonomy and efficiency. With a strong focus on user experience, coupled with a powerful RESTful API, Labelcamp is designed for large catalogs and complex operational needs.
  • Logo for AudioSalad
    AudioSalad is a platform for labels, artists, and rights holders. It provides tools for content & metadata management, delivery, distribution, e-commerce, and promo. AudioSalad creates a new model of efficiency for today’s fast-moving, streaming-first music industry.
  • Logo for ampsuite
    Ampsuite provides content management & supply chain delivery software for record labels, aggregators & rights holders. Available as an off the shelf product or a white-labelled solution, our software can be taken on a monthly lease package (for those with their own DSP deals ), as part of a distribution package with us, or a hybrid of the two. Incorporating content management & asset delivery, royalty accounting, digital contracting, promotional tools and analytics. Ampsuite also offer publishing & neighbouring rights services.
  • SonoSuite is a white-label distribution platform helping record labels and aggregators deliver their catalog and manage royalties. With a background in music industry and tech, our heart beats in Barcelona and our teams serve hundreds of global clients sharing the universal language: Music!
  • LabelGrid simplifies the management, delivery, promotion, and tracking of your music and video catalog from a centralized platform, allowing seamless scalability as you expand. With an intuitive content management panel, adaptable delivery engine, state-of-the-art marketing tools, and advanced REST API, we streamline and optimize your digital music distribution strategy.

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