Concerts 101: Effortless Listing & Discovery

May 8, 2024

Dream of a world where your fans never miss another concert.

Spotify has already helped sell millions of tour presale tickets through our Fans First program – and we’re thrilled to continue supporting performing artists by expanding our live event marketing capabilities. Our goal is to create an ecosystem where fandom flourishes and the transition from listener to concertgoer is smoother than ever.

Our vision for the future of live music starts with integrating event discovery into Spotify. We’ve partnered with ticketers, promoters, and aggregators worldwide to gather and share information about upcoming concerts and festivals. Each event is matched with the performing artist(s) and displayed on an Event Page featuring venue information, artist content, and (most importantly) a link for fans to purchase tickets from one or more ticketing partners. Artists can also manually add or edit their performance schedules through our integration with Bandsintown if any information is missing or inaccurate.

We’ve seamlessly integrated organic event discovery into the Spotify listening experience. Fans can find out about upcoming concerts near them while streaming music, watching videos, or exploring artist profiles. The Events tab on artist profiles showcases upcoming concerts, and artists can highlight a particular event as their Artist Pick. Additionally, some fans receive personalized concert recommendations based on their location.

Event listings are not only available on artist profiles but also on release pages, the Now Playing view, the video Watch Feed, and Spotify Home. Fans can actively search for events or discover them through their personalized Live Events feed by clicking the Live Events card in the Browse section.

For fans who opt-in, we send on-sale announcements, reminders, and event recommendations via email and push notifications. This feature is particularly useful for fans using the (+) button to save events to their library (and the “saved” section of their Live Events feed), as we notify them when tickets become available – or when time’s almost up to purchase.

Spotify’s suite of live event recommendations, marketing, and promotional campaigns have a strong impact on performing artists’ revenues with minimal effort on their part. Coco Fernandez, Director of Marketing for Faye Webster at TBA Agency, says, “Faye has bolstered her visibility amongst her core listeners immensely through the Fans First tour presale campaigns - but Spotify has taken it a step further. By simply having her events listed on Spotify, we've managed to sell over 2,600 additional tickets through the platform alone and target her 1.1 million followers! Spotify has helped us bridge the gap between streaming and actual ticket conversions throughout her tour marketing campaigns.”

In an industry built on meaningful connections between artists and fans, we’re stepping in to facilitate those connections more seamlessly and more frequently, both within our app and on stages worldwide. It’s time to hit the road.

Spotify for Artists helps you to develop the fanbase you need to reach your goals.

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