Introducing Artist Pick

December 14, 2016

Last month, we gave a small group of artists and their teams the ability to pick a song, album, or playlist to pin to the top of their artist page with a short message. It was an opportunity for these artists to share something they loved — and make their artist page their own.

While we weren’t quite sure what they’d pick, we saw some really cool things happen:

  • Phoebe Ryan picked her collaboration with The Chainsmokers.
  • Sam Smith picked a Liv Dawson album he loves.
  • Elton John picked his latest playlist of personal favorites.
  • Robot Koch thanked fans for streaming his single over 20M times.

As a result, artists’ pages became more personal and fans found great new music and playlists.

So starting today, every artist and manager can add a pick to their artist page using Spotify For Artists. Choose something you love — a track, album, or playlist — and add a short message about why you love it. Picks live at the top of your artist page for two weeks and can be changed or updated whenever you want.

To get started, head to your artist page in the Spotify desktop app. Make sure you’re logged in using the same account that’s connected to Spotify For Artists. Once you make a pick and add a message, it’ll be featured on your artist page in the desktop and mobile apps.

🚨 Pro tip: to add emojis to your pick, hit command + control + space on Mac 🔥 🍕 📌

If you’re an artist or manager without access to Spotify For Artists yet, you can request access here.

Spotify for Artists helps you to develop the fanbase you need to reach your goals.

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