Introducing Spotify Live

Timothy "timmhotep" Cornwall / June 17, 2021

Here’s how artists and their teams can get started with Spotify’s new live audio app.

Note: Before April 12, 2022, Spotify Live was called Greenroom. Learn more here.

As artists, you connect with fans through the music you make, the experiences you create, and the conversations you have with them — whether those interactions happen IRL or virtually. And while posting on social media is a great way to engage fans, you still need a way to talk to them that goes beyond comments and replies. A way that’s more interactive, organic, and engaging in real time.

Introducing Spotify Live, a new live audio app from Spotify that allows artists and other creators to connect with fans, followers, and friends in the moment. Using Spotify Live means conversation spaces that artists can control; when you host a room you’ll have the power to moderate, choose speakers, set the tone and topic of discussion as well as record the audio. Spotify Live also gives you the ability to surprise and delight your fans by popping up in their conversations too. (And, since it’s audio-only, you won’t ever have to worry about being camera ready.) Spotify Live provides the opportunity to cultivate a highly-engaged audience of fans who are passionate about artists, the music they make, and the perspectives they have.

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Interested in getting started, but need some ideas? No worries — we’ve got some thought-starters for how artists can use Spotify Live below:

Talk about your newest release

Fans want context for your music and who better to give it to them than you? After releasing new music, host a discussion on Spotify Live to give background on it; talk about the meanings of your lyrics, the origins of song ideas, and your recording process. And since this can be a real-time, two-way conversation you can ask fans which songs resonate with them most, and even use that direct feedback to inform your next live set, choose your next single or video and more!

Host an after party

You’ve just done a live show or virtual event and you want to interact with fans outside the confines of a meet ‘n’ greet to talk about the experience, answer questions or to simply show your appreciation for them showing up and/or tuning in. With Spotify Live you can create a space just for those purposes. You can even invite your fans up on stage with you. Remember it’s your party and you can choose the way you want it to go.

Introduce your crew

Being a successful artist requires collaboration and teamwork whether that means recording, touring, or promoting your music. Why not introduce your fans to all of the collaborators and helping hands in your world through Spotify Live? Gather in rooms with your team to talk shop and field questions from fans to give them an intimate look at how the magic is made, thereby deepening their connection to you, your story and your music.

Take a deep dive into your discography

You know the story of your evolution as an artist but your fans may not—especially the newer ones. Using Spotify Live, you can deepen listeners’ connection to your music by discussing your catalog one track or project at a time. Tell stories about how this music came to be, what makes it special, and bring it to life for your fans with your dialogue. An “old” track of yours might just become a fan’s new favorite.

Chat with other creators

Networking is key to a successful creator’s career. With Spotify Live, you can host or join conversations with your peers to share valuable insights, talk about the nuances of creating, exchange business tips, and more. Collaborative spaces with other creators will also bring your fans together with theirs making it a great way to introduce yourself to new listeners.

This is just the beginning for Spotify Live—we can’t wait to share more in the coming months. Ready to try it out? Get started on Spotify Live today by downloading the app here.

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