Introducing: The Spotify for Artists App

October 12, 2017

We’ve got some exciting news to share: As of today, Spotify for Artists is now available on iOS and Android! We’ve created a one-stop shop to track your new music as it goes live, control your presence on Spotify, and learn more about your listeners.

Before we say anything else, here’s the most important bit—visit the App Store download the app on iOS or if you’re an Android user, head over to the Play Store.

Spotify for Artists is our second app ever, and it’s designed entirely for artists like you, with your needs in mind. It puts control directly into your hands, whether you’re on the road, in the studio, or wherever, and it works smoothly with the regular Spotify app. (Try this: open the options for any track, album, or playlist in the Spotify app, and tap “set as Artist Pick.”)

We think you and your team will be able to get a lot of use out of it. Here’s what you’ve got to look forward to once you’ve got this thing on your phone.

Easily manage your profile.

Easily manage your profile.

Update your profile from anywhere.

Let’s say you’re listening to a song you love, and you want to tell your fans about it. Or you just added a new band member and want to update your bio. Now you can update some of the most important elements of your profile—your bio, your artist pick, and your playlists—straight from your phone, so you can get all your ducks in a row before your next release.

Measure your new release in real time.

Measure your new release in real time.

Track new releases in real time.

Releasing music can be one of the most stressful and exciting parts of being an artist, so why should you have to wait days or weeks for that data? For the first week after your new release, the Spotify for Artists app will update instantly, every time someone pushes “play,” so you’ll know exactly how many times your new single, EP, or Album has been streamed.

Learn about your listeners.

Learn about your listeners.

Learn more about your listeners.

You can use the Spotify for Artists app to better understand your listeners, streams, and followers—learn how they listen, their gender and age breakdowns, where they’re listening from, and other relevant artists.

And as always, thanks for doing what you do.

By Miles Lennon

If you’re already verified with Spotify for Artists, download the iOS app right here or head to the Play Store to download Android. If not, click here to sign up.

Spotify for Artists helps you to develop the fanbase you need to reach your goals.

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