The Year in Music: Wrapped – Celebrating Artist Wins in 2021

Sarah Maloy / December 13, 2021
Introducing a new, interactive journey through the collective wins that artists had on Spotify in 2021. See artists’ top artists, the year's biggest gainers, artists’ top throwback tracks, and more.

Last week you discovered your 2021 Wrapped (or if you didn’t – what’re you waiting for?) and saw how much your career has grown, how your fans are engaging with your music, how far your sounds have traveled around the world, and so much more. But that got us thinking: What did 2021 look like for the artist community as a whole? We know what fans were listening to, but what were artists listening to?

Introducing the Year in Music: Wrapped – a new, interactive year-in-review where we’re celebrating the incredible 2021 that you, the artists, had as a collective.

We take you deep into Spotify for Artists’ data to see the top songs that artists and their teams were listening to from every decade, the successes that you all shared this year, and the global journey that music took in 2021. We also identified the year’s Biggest Gainers and, perhaps most importantly, the Artists’ Top Artists – those esteemed musicians whose peers listened to them even more than consumers did. After all, the best compliment an artist can get is hearing another musician geek out over their music.

Click here to explore the Year in Music: Wrapped, and raise a glass to celebrate your wins, your peers, and the close of another year. As we head into 2022, we want to create new ways for you to connect with your fans and build a sustainable career. Combine that with your creativity and passion, and we can’t wait to see what we accomplish together.

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And if you haven’t already looked at your own Artist Wrapped – now’s the time! Log in to Spotify for Artists or claim your account to see your Wrapped on your homepage.

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Sarah Maloy / December 13, 2021
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