What Is Artificial Streaming? The Latest Episode of The Game Plan Explains

September 29, 2021

Third-party promotional services offering to boost your streams can sound tempting, but they may be generated using bots, which is a major red flag. In this episode of our educational video series, our experts explain why trying to game the system is a waste of your budget that can adversely affect your music on Spotify.

As an artist, you work hard to create music and share it with the world. You want to be seen, felt, and of course, heard, so third-party promotional services that offer a specific number of streams or get you playlisted in exchange for money may seem attractive at first, but beware: these are precisely the wrong ways to find success on Spotify. These practices violate our Terms of Service and are a waste of your precious budget. They also encourage stealing legitimate earnings from hard-working and deserving artists, who have genuine fans listening to their music.

In this important episode of our educational video series, The Game Plan, our experts explain what artificial streaming is, how it can be detrimental to your goals, and what we’re doing to combat this problem. We also show you the right way to go about achieving your goals so that you can focus on your music and building up your fanbase.

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