How to Support Ukraine via Your Spotify Artist Profile

March 4, 2022

Here are some ways artists can help those affected by the invasion of Ukraine, by uplifting relief charities through the Artist Fundraising Pick tool.

(Note: On May 26, 2022, Artist Fundraising Pick became Fan Support. Learn more here.)

As devastating events continue to unfold in Ukraine, the global community on our platform – artists and listeners alike – has been looking for ways to help those affected by war. We are mobilizing our Artist Fundraising Pick feature in Spotify for Artists to be used to help raise funds for the effort. This feature allows our community to seamlessly contribute by allowing artists to select a fundraising destination to place at the top of their Spotify profile, where listeners can then donate.

GoFundMe is one of several platforms that artists can leverage for Artist Fundraising Pick, and they have consolidated a list of verified charities in their Ukraine Hub. Artists worldwide can choose a fund from this hub, or another relevant GoFundMe page, to include on their profile so that listeners who visit have the opportunity to donate. Spotify does not take any percentage of these donations. Artists also have the ability to change the artist image on their Spotify profile to support Ukraine. Review these best practices for more details on how Artist Fundraising Pick works, and visit our help center for more on how to select yours.

Spotify is also matching employee donations two-to-one in support of local humanitarian efforts. Additional steps that the company has taken include providing individual support to our employees in the region as well as our global community of Ukrainian employees. Our team has removed all RT and Sputnik content from Spotify in the EU and other markets, and we have launched a global guide to provide our users around the world with trusted news. We have also closed our office in Russia indefinitely.

We are deeply concerned about the war in Ukraine and hope that peace will be restored to the region and its people.

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