Introducing Noteable

Caitlin Ramrahka / February 10, 2021

A new global home for songwriters, producers, and publishers.

Say hello to Noteable, Spotify’s new global home for songwriters, producers, and publishers.

The work of songwriters, producers, and publishers informs so much of what we do at Spotify — with Noteable, we’ve created one central space for the community to learn about everything Spotify has to offer, find new opportunities, and collaborate with each other. Via our new website, email newsletter, Instagram, and Twitter, you’ll get the latest news — whether it’s updates on relevant products and services, new programs or video resources, or just chances to connect.

The Noteable website

The Noteable website

Our new Noteable site is the central place to access all of the resources that we’ve made available to the songwriting and publishing community. Here, you will find relevant information on Spotify Publishing Analytics, Spotify for Artists, Songwriter Pages, our newly launched Songwriters Hub, or SoundBetter, and you’ll find answers to your most common questions, plus news straight from Spotify and the industry at large.

We’ll aim to inform and inspire through our video series including The Game Plan and Songwriter Saturdays, featuring Julia Michaels, Boi-1da, and more. Later this year, we’ll also introduce a new series for students and emerging songwriters and producers, titled “How I Started, How It’s Going,” featuring world-class producers walking viewers through their career arcs, as well as “Song Start,” an educational video series in partnership with Ali Tamposi and Tamar Kaprelian, to coach new songwriters and artists as they delve into this complex industry.

The Beat Drop newsletter

The Beat Drop newsletter

There are a few ways to keep in touch. Our new monthly newsletter, The Beat Drop, will highlight industry news you can’t miss, events (virtual for now!), and featured Noteable Releases for the month. You can sign-up for The Beat Drop on our site. We’ll also be continuing the conversation with you on our Noteable Instagram and Twitter channels — here, we look forward to learning about what you’re working on and who you’re hoping to collaborate with.

So whether you’re a publisher, a brand new songwriter, producer, or have numerous hits under your belt, we look forward to working with you, bringing these resources and opportunities into a new central home and expanding to new regions around the world throughout the year.

Join us over on Instagram later this week to hear directly from our Songwriter and Publishing Relations team about bringing Noteable to life.

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