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Learn How to Get Playlisted with Two New Game Plan Episodes

October 24, 2018

Our playlist pitch feature is officially out of beta.

A few months ago, we unveiled a beta feature in the Spotify for Artists tool that gives artists, labels, and teams the ability to share new music directly with our editorial team for playlist consideration. Since the feature became available in July more than 67,000 artists and labels have pitched music and now we’re excited to announce our playlist pitch feature is officially out of beta.

Since the beta began, over 10,000 artists have been added to Spotify editorial playlists for the first time, connecting their music with thousands of new fans. To offer just a few examples, when acoustic troubadour Gustavo Bertoni’s song “Be Here Now” was selected to appear on the Acoustic Morning and Fresh Folk playlists, his monthly listeners jumped from 7,000 to 617,000. Elsewhere alt-rock band Yonaka, hailing from Brighton in the UK, saw their numbers increase from 82,000 to a whopping 290,000 when they were added to New Music Friday, while the Belgian rapper Bryan Mg shot up to 33,000 monthly listeners up from 4,600 after landing on the La Vida Loca playlist.

“After the first release got picked up by Spotify I think about a month later I got my first booking for a club show,” recalls Mg. “People also started to send me private messages on Instagram about where they heard my music for the first time. I also received invitations for radio stations in the Netherlands and in Belgium and saw my followers on Instagram and Spotify get a boost.”

Pop newcomer Jayden Bartels explains, “Seeing my music on Spotify for the first time was so exciting, but to see that ‘Can't Help Me Now’ made Spotify's official playlists New Music Friday and Pop Sauce was absolutely incredible! New Music Friday features my favorite artists every week and to see my name on that playlist was crazy and such an honor!”

When her song “Can't Help Me Now” was featured on New Music Friday, her monthly listeners practically tripled to 72,000. Prior to utilizing this new feature her music had never been added to an official Spotify playlist.

Seeing these kinds of numbers and hearing this kind of feedback makes us very happy, and while we can’t guarantee them for every artist, every time, what’s especially great about this new tool is, whether your new song is featured in an editorial playlist or not, it’ll always show up in all of your followers’ Release Radar playlists. Plus, the additional metadata you provide when you upload it will help us recommend it to potential new fans for years to come.

We know you’ve been asking for more information about how our playlists work. That’s why to celebrate coming out of beta, we’ve made a couple new episodes of our original series, The Game Plan.

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