How to Turn Listeners Into Fans With Marquee – Now Available to More Artists

February 24, 2022

Promote your new release with Marquee, now available for all eligible artists in the markets listed here. Learn more on a new episode of The Game Plan.

Marquee – a full-screen, sponsored recommendation of an artist’s new release – helps you promote your latest single, EP, or album and turn listeners into your next big fans. Listeners who see a Marquee are 2x more likely to save or add your new songs to their playlists. And it doesn't just get them into your new music – they're 3x more likely to stream from your older releases too. We’re excited to share that Marquee is now available to more artists than ever.

If you’re an artist, manager, or label based in one of the markets where Marquee is available to purchase, you will now see the Campaigns tab in your Spotify for Artists dashboard on desktop, where you can use Marquee to promote eligible new releases. To create Marquee campaigns in Spotify for Artists, artists must meet the eligibility requirements. If your team is based in a market where Marquee is available to purchase but you don’t see the Campaigns tab, ensure your billing country matches your market.

As Marquee rolls out to more teams, we’re also debuting a new episode of our educational video series, The Game Plan.

This episode gives a rundown of Marquee’s features and shows why it’s a crucial marketing tool for your new releases. It helps you stand out by putting your music in front of the right listeners at the right time – right when they open the app. If you have the audience to support it, you can also target audience segments. For example, use Marquee to target your Spotify for Artists active audience (including light listeners, moderate listeners, and super listeners) or your previously active audience – depending on your new release goals.

Learn more about how Marquee gets listeners deeper into your new release in the full episode of The Game Plan above, featuring Perdi Higgs from independent label Dirty Hit. Then head to your Spotify for Artists dashboard and the Campaigns tab to get started if you have an eligible new release. You can create campaigns up to 18 days after your new release drops.

Campaigns can target audiences in three dozen markets, including Brazil, France, Germany, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States. See the complete Marquee targeting list here. We're excited to share more updates as we continue to improve Marquee.

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