Share Your Canvas to Your Instagram Story

June 11, 2020

We're rolling out a new way to use social media to bring your music to life and heighten engagement with fans.

Since launching our Canvas beta, which turns formerly static song pages into mesmerizing video-art showcases, artists all over Spotify have been giving their work new depth with the help of eight-second visual loops. Poppy used her Canvas to heighten the otherworldliness of tracks on her new album, I Disagree, while Billie Eilish added fan art to her songs as a salute to listeners around the world.

Now, artists in the Canvas beta can share these unique visuals to their Instagram Stories, broadening the reach of their music and deepening the value of engagement on the photo-sharing platform. Followers can click through to Spotify, where they'll be able to take in the Canvas and its associated song together, for a heightened experience.

Canvas sharing is currently available to all Spotify users—listeners and artists alike—so when anyone shares a track from the app to their Instagram Stories, the Canvas will show up for all to see. The post will look like a regular Spotify share, with cover art and a link to play the track—only now, your Canvas will be the backdrop. To share, simply select the “...” icon from the top right corner of your screen while playing a track, and select Instagram Stories. (Just note: Audio will not play on Instagram, and fans seeing the Canvas in the app will not be counted in Canvas metrics unless they click through to Spotify.)

This functionality is ideal for launching new songs, highlighting updates to your Canvas when you release a music video, or updating your current Canvas with new elements like fan art and performance clips (as long as the images and videos you use are compliant with Spotify's content guidelines). Adding a high-quality Canvas has increased track shares by up to 200 percent, in addition to lifts in streams, saves, and artist profile visits. By simply enabling fans to share your Canvas with their friends, you can reach vast new audiences on the strength of your visuals. Don’t forget—music is not just an auditory format anymore.

To get started with Canvas, visit Spotify’s dedicated site, which includes information on best practices, examples of Canvases that have worked well for artists, and sign-ups for the waiting list. Canvas has helped thousands of artists bring listeners more fully into their world, and this new sharing capability will absolutely build on that promise.

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