Share Your Songs on Facebook Stories — Now with Music

August 30, 2019

When you share a track from Spotify to Facebook Stories, viewers will now hear a 15-second preview before tapping to listen.

We’re always building new ways to help you share your music on Spotify with your fans — everywhere they hang out. On the Spotify app, artists and their teams use our “Share” menu to easily promote their tracks, albums, playlists, podcasts, and more. Today, we’re rolling out a more powerful way to connect with fans on Facebook Stories — with 15-second song previews.

You can share a song from Spotify to Facebook in a few steps. Tap “Share” when viewing the track on Spotify, select Facebook, customize your Story, and post it to your fans. Now, when viewers watch your Story, they’ll be able to listen to a 15-second preview of it — instantly — and they can tap “Play on Spotify” if they want to hear more. (Note: The previews are generated from our Web API. Feature availability will differ based on territory.)

For now, previews will only play when you share a single track to Stories. When you share other content (like albums, playlists, or your profile), viewers will be able to click directly into that content on Spotify, but they won’t hear a preview.

Taking advantage of our sharing features helps to get your tunes to more people’s ears. It will also encourage your fans to interact with you and your music and help spread the love through their own Facebook Stories. Try it out for your next release or a special anniversary, or to simply step up your daily storytelling—because every story, even a 15-second one, deserves a proper soundtrack.

-Spotify for Artists

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