Soundtrap Launches 'Soundtrap Capture' App

October 6, 2020

The new user-friendly tool lets creators collaborate in real time and record high-quality audio whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

What’s the first thing you do when inspiration strikes but you’re not in the studio? Knowing that great ideas can be fleeting, you try to preserve that burst of creativity any way you can. It’s the lyric jotted down on a napkin, the catchy bassline in your head that you hum to yourself over and over again, or the ambient sounds of the streets you save in a voice note on your phone for later reference. For as long there has been music, artists have been challenged to remember and replicate their good ideas when they weren’t immediately able to record.

To further aid artists in the frictionless creation of music, Soundtrap presents Soundtrap Capture, a free collaborative mobile app for on-the-go music capture and creation. Developed with the help of thousands of artists like you, the Soundtrap Capture app is equipped with tools for recording, layering, real-time collaboration, and storage. What was once a multi-platform process is brought together in one user-friendly app that lets artists collaborate in real-time and record high-quality audio no matter the place or time. Now catching lightning in a bottle is as simple as opening an app on your phone.

The Soundtrap Capture app is now available for download for free on the iOS App Store.

Features immediately available on Soundtrap Capture include:

  • Multi-track Layering: layer track recordings, instruments and vocals over one another to create different takes.
  • Collaborate with Creators: invite multiple collaborators to join a project, present ideas, record and layer tracks to create songs together in real time.
  • Live Storage: immediately sync and back up all projects to the Soundtrap system, and easily access them so that you never lose an idea again.

And coming later this year: Seamless Integration: transfer seamlessly between the Soundtrap Capture app and the Soundtrap Studio, between desktop and mobile, all without missing a beat.

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