Welcome to Spotify's New Home for Artists

November 2, 2016

Three years ago, we launched the Spotify Artists website. At the time, streaming was still relatively new. This website was our first shot at providing details around the streaming model and explaining how it affected artists. It was just a start, but a meaningful step forward.

A lot has happened with us since then.

We’ve grown. More than 100M fans in 60 countries are using Spotify to listen to music and discover new artists. Our subscriber base has exploded to more than 40M. Streaming has been incorporated into charts all around the world, including the Billboard Hot 100.

We’ve opened data to artists. Over the last few years, our team’s spent time with thousands of artists, helping them understand Spotify and their streaming data. Spotify Fan Insights was released less than a year ago and it’s already set the bar for how data should be provided to artists and their teams. If you haven’t signed up yet, you should.

We’ve listened. Based on your feedback, we added concert listings and merch to artist pages. We’ve made it simple to update your artist image. We've built a large team spread all around the world dedicated to working with artists, labels, songwriters, and publishers.

Today, streaming is mainstream — and as a result, the music industry is growing again. Revenues are up 8.1% from just a year ago, the biggest increase since the late 90s. We’re proud that Spotify’s a major driver of that growth, having already paid out more than $5B in royalties.

But the music industry's still in the midst of a major transition — and we're committed to making it work for everyone. Today, there’s less talk about “if” and many more questions about “how.” Which is why we're shifting the purpose of this website from detailing the mechanics of streaming to helping artists maximize the opportunity it’s created.

The new Spotify Artists site features a guide for artists getting their start on Spotify and tips for artists thinking about ways to grow their fanbase. We’ll be rebooting our blog with a focus on stories and best practices for the streaming era. Even our FAQs have been freshened up.

You’ll probably notice a number of familiar faces throughout the site like Flume, Gallant, & Dua Lipa. I wanted to give them all a special shout. They’re artists with music we love who are killing it on Spotify. We’ll be digging into many of their stories, and stories like this, in the months to come.

It’s an exciting time to be in music. The playbook is being rewritten which is opening up new opportunities for artists and the industry. There's much more to do — and we’re looking forward to partnering with you to make the most of this new era.

Onward — and welcome!

Troy & the Spotify team

Spotify for Artists helps you to develop the fanbase you need to reach your goals.

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