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Introducing a new era of Spotify for Artists

We want to help grow your career by centering what matters most: your music. With new features coming to Spotify for Artists, you’ll be able to serve up videos, pre-release hype, merch, and tickets — right where fans are already listening to your music.


Find your next fans

Spotify is where music discovery happens for 500+ million listeners in 180+ markets.

Whether through editorial playlisting or algorithmic placements, Spotify for Artists is the only way to pitch new songs to some of the world’s most followed playlists.

Editorial Playlists

We handcraft thousands of editorial playlists. You can tell it's one of ours by the Spotify logo on the top left corner.

Pitching to Editors

You can pitch a song from an upcoming release to be considered for editorial playlists and featured on your followers' Release Radar.

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FKA Twigs
Expression & Connection

Invite fans into your creative world

Profile tools

Showcasing your artistry goes deeper with Spotify for Artists. With our profile tools, you can change your bio and photos whenever inspiration strikes. You can also share updates with fans with an Artist Pick, add a fundraising link, or feature playlists.


Connect with listeners in a whole new way with Canvas, a short looping visual you can add to each of your tracks on Spotify. It’s album artwork, for the streaming age.

How Jeremy Zucker used data and Canvas to engage with fans on his tour

Case Study

How Jeremy Zucker used data and Canvas to engage with fans on his tour

Using Spotify for Artists

Releasing a new single after a successful debut EP, Jeremy Zucker turned to Spotify to keep track of his music: "Spotify for Artists is such an amazing tool for artists and is putting so much into the hands of artists and their teams."

Data & Insights

Whether you’re a bigger artist or just developing, having a better understanding of your audience and trends around your music, has really helped me to find my fans and market better to them.

Jeremy Zucker


Musician Jeremy Zucker by the ocean, holding a rabbit.


With my single ‘comethru’, I was able to use Spotify for Artists features to engage on a much more personal level with my fans. On my last tour in Europe we filmed fans from every city and incorporated it into my Canvases which got an incredible response.

Jeremy Zucker


Mobile App

And for a busy artist, Jeremy uses Spotify for Artists on the go, too: "There’s this rewarding feeling being able to go on my phone at any point and see my music reaching people."

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Use your stats to make moves

Whether you need to make a call about touring, releasing, or promoting, Spotify for Artists has the numbers you need.

Find out how your songs are performing, how you’re being discovered, and where your audience is. And for new releases, watch your stats move in real-time.

Playlist Data

Playlists you're on and how much listening they drive.

Audience Data

Demographics of listeners and how they discover you.

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Track your stats and releases on the go with our free mobile app.

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Teams & CollaborationTeams & Collaboration
It’s all about teamworkIt’s all about teamwork

Whether you make music, work at a label, manage an artist, or do it all yourself, Spotify for Artists is the best way to bring it all together. Assign team roles and share information, so you can make important decisions with transparency and ease.

Working together in Spotify for Artists alongside our clients and their label reps, we are able to not only be reactive to what’s happening in the moment, but proactive with future releases as a full team.

Dana SalantDana Salant

Manager, Patriot Management

Case Study

Managing an artist from The X Factor auditions to playing Madison Square Garden

Manager Case Study

John Geraghty, FLETCHER's manager, has been using Spotify for Artists as FLETCHER has grown from an emerging artist to headlining at Madison Square Garden.

Artist Development

Spotify for Artists has provided the insights that have guided FLETCHER's development as a new artist for the last four years equally benefitting her as both an independent act and now a priority artist at Capitol Records.

John Geraghty


Business Intelligence

We have timed our single releases based on user consumption, selected our singles and marketing investments based on organic engagement and editorial playlisting, routed our tours on her popular markets, and more.

John Geraghty


Growing a Fanbase

With the tools and insights Spotify for Artist provides, we have taken an unknown artist with a significant amount of streams and transformed her into an important voice in pop music with millions of listeners and a fast-growing number of die hard fans.

John Geraghty


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