Understand Your Audience Better With the New Release Details Page and Audience Engagement Analytics

October 21, 2021

The new views in Spotify for Artists make it easier to track how well your music is resonating with listeners, measure the impact of your marketing efforts, and contextualize your audience growth.

Whether it’s the evolution of popular sounds and genres or the means by which we consume them, music is constantly changing. But one thing remains constant for artists: the need to effectively develop their fanbases.

Developing your fanbase means staying connected to your fans and keeping them engaged with your story and your music. Doing those things strategically requires an understanding of your audience that can only come from powerful data and insights.

Today, we’re adding two new ways to better understand your audience and track your music’s performance in Spotify for Artists.

Release Details Page

In the Music tab of your Spotify for Artists dashboard, you can already view detailed analytics for any song. Now, you can view composite metrics for any release too — whether that’s an album, an EP, or a focus single. This new view allows you to see how much your music is resonating with your fans and measure the impact of your release marketing efforts over time.

To view your stats for any release, visit your Spotify for Artists dashboard, click on the Music tab, and then click on Releases. Once you’re there, you can now click on a track, album, or any of your releases to get data on how many streams, listeners, streams per listener, and saves a release has over a period of time. You can also filter these stats for any specific market. Release stats are available on desktop only right now.

Audience Engagement Stats

The Audience tab in Spotify for Artists is your home base for understanding your listeners across your entire catalog — from your most fervent follower to your newest listener. When you’re understanding your audience, it’s not just about the demographics or the number of streams — it’s about how they’re interacting with your music.

That’s why we’re adding a new Engagement section to the Audience tab, which introduces detailed metrics on how your full listener base is connecting with you — including streams per listener (the average number of times your listeners streamed your songs) and high-intent actions like saves, playlist adds, and more. This makes it easier for you to assess overall trends with how listeners are leaning into your music.

The more you lean into these metrics, the savvier about your audience you’ll be, equipped with the knowledge of where your listeners are, what they like, and how impactful your marketing has been. These new stats begin rolling out this week and are only available on desktop for now.

Want more details on your Spotify for Artists data? Check out our guide here.

Spotify for Artists helps you to develop the fanbase you need to reach your goals.

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