The biggest moment to connect with your top fans

Spotify Wrapped. It’s that time when hundreds of millions of listeners around the world come together to reflect on the music that made their year. It’s also a time for fans to connect with the artists that moved them most.

This is your guide to getting the most out of the moment. Starting now, you can record a video message for your top fans, get ready to sell merch and concert tickets, and make sure your artist profile looks its absolute best. Then once you’re done, leave the rest to us and your fans.

Get personal with a Wrapped video message

Upload a video by November 17 to be featured in your top fans’ 2023 Wrapped experience on Spotify.

Speak directly to the fans who made you one of their top artists this year – right as they’re opening Wrapped. In less than 30 seconds, let them know what their support meant to you in 2023. You can share a story about a standout moment, tease what you’re working on next, or simply thank them for a great year.

Record your video

Your video message should be shot vertically; feature no music, singing, or lyrics; no explicit content; no logos or brands; and no added text, graphics, or filters.

Add details

Almost there. First, add a caption – it’ll show up at the bottom of your video as a message to your fans. Then choose a thumbnail, and we’ll share it with your top listeners when Wrapped begins.

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thank you
Billie Eilish
What’s up Spotify listeners
Pusha T
Thank you for meeting me at midnight in 2022
Taylor Swift
Gracias familia , por disfrutar conmigo esta Ultima Vuelta #Legendaddy
Daddy Yankee
Thank you!
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Ready to upload your video?

Get inspired by some of our favorite Wrapped video messages from artists in 2022. Then when you’re ready to go, head to the video tab in Spotify for Artists to upload yours.

Offer top fans a discount on your merch

In 2022, Wrapped was the biggest week ever for merch sales on Spotify. This year, we’re amping things up even more. For the first time, artists in the US and Canada will be able to reward top fans with a special merch discount on select items. Make sure to set up your discount rewards by November 15 to make sure they’re included. Here’s how to get it done.

  • Head to the Merch tab in Spotify for Artists, then go to Special Offers and click the “Create discount” button to get started.
  • Set up your discount by following the prompts. Select “Wrapped” as the reward audience, then choose a discount amount, and item(s) to be discounted.
  • Review your discount and schedule – then you’re good to go.
  • Put your merch center stage

    Whether or not you decide to offer a discount, getting your merch store ready for Wrapped is easy. Publish existing, new, or exclusive merch to Spotify via our Shopify integration by November 15, and we’ll select up to five of your items to include, starting with the most recently added. We’ll promote your merch to your top fans via their Wrapped experience, email, and more.

    Don’t have merch?
    Design and list new merch in minutes with Printful. Use code WRAPPED2023 to get $20 off your first order. Then combine it with the $5 per month Shopify Starter plan to get selling right away.

    Highlight your upcoming shows

    Got tour dates coming up? Let your fans know when and where they can celebrate an incredible year with you. As long as your shows are listed on one of our partner sites, we’ll promote them to your top listeners during Wrapped.

    Get your artist profile ready to feel the fan love

    Add your social handles

    Make it easy for fans to thank and connect with you during Wrapped. Visit the “About” tab in Spotify for Artists on web to make sure your social handles are added.

    Set up a Fan Support link

    Wrapped is the perfect moment to rally fans around a fundraising goal. During a time known for giving and showing love, use Fan Support in Spotify for Artists to collect end-of-year tips — or drive donations for a charitable cause that you champion.

    Playlist your 2023 picks

    Create a playlist in your personal account using the Spotify app, and then use Artist Pick to feature it on your artist profile. Share with fans your top releases, the tracks that inspired you most this year, or just your musical favorites of 2023.

    Ready for 2023 Wrapped?

    We can’t wait to share your music, merch, and creativity with the fans who listened to you most this year.